52 Cookbooks #14: Thai fish curry with mango

This week I've turned to Delia and a recipe from her fish collection.


I'm not a big fish eater but am quite partial to a fish curry.  This is a Thai curry with mango and is more fragrant than spicy.  The recipe seems easy enough too which is a bonus as I've had a bit of a week (to see why, see my Word of the Week post), followed by a busy weekend.

We went to a friend's wedding reception on Saturday and then yesterday we spent the day following friends running in the London Marathon so I haven't cooked much over the weekend either. 

The recipe starts by boiling coconut milk until it curdles, then adding the rough curry paste made of onion, ginger, garlic, chilli, lime zest and juice, fish sauce and shrimp paste along with the chunks of cod fillet and jumbo prawns.

I also added green beans to satisfy MOH's green veg requirement (something green with every meal) and then last in was the mango. 

I love mango, but find them hard to prepare - although I forget this when I'm buying them only to remember at the last moment. One day I'm sure I'll master them...

The verdict:

  • The curry was a delicate peachy colour
  • I used full fat coconut milk but would use half-fat next time as this was quite creamy and rich for a weeknight dinner
  • It was easy to do and would be a good store cupboard standby for when you want something that looks like you've made a bit of an effort!

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