Tree following August: The still-a-mystery tree

In the middle of July I stumbled across this tree - see The mystery tree with humongous leaves and following an online chat with Lucy from Loose and Leafy about what it might me (it's still a mystery tree right now, so if you know I'd love to know) I concluded that it would be interesting and hopefully enlightening to follow this tree more closely.

Lucy hosts a monthly link-up for fellow tree followers, that's people who have chosen a tree to follow for a year.  I'm late to this party, though had been reading with interest on how, what and why people chose their trees.  But even so, I didn't choose a tree for myself, despite having quite a few in our garden that could have been ideal and easy accessible candidates. 

But it seems, this humongous mystery tree chose me!

So let me introduce you to the humongous-leaved mystery tree.  It's in Blackheath, South East London  and is behind railings on Sir John Morden Walk - which is a well-used local thoroughfare which winds its way through the grounds of Morden College (for more about the college see my July post) and leads me towards Blackheath Village. 

I'm still not clear if the railings are for its protection or for innocent passers-by!

Here's my view as I approach "my tree":

It's still behind the railings and hasn't escaped yet, though it has grown and filled out since my last visit.  It's handy that it has that lamppost close by as that will give a good indicator of how much it's grown. 

Unfortunately in July I managed to avoid photographing the lamppost though but looking back at the July photo it has grown easily a couple of foot upwards and at outwards - I'll get better at this for next time I promise!

The leaves remain large though look slightly droopier than previously - however we've had a prolonged spell of 25 degrees plus here in London so I think we're all feeling (if not looking) a little droopier.

This month I have got a better shot of the trunk - is it me but even the branches look as if they've filled out - the tree had been pollarded, imagine how beast-like it would be if not!

It seems the ivy is losing the battle too as at the base of the tree there's very little light for it to flourish.  This photo also gives some indication as to how much the tree has put on in this short space of time - last month the soil at the base of the tree was clearly visible in my photos, this month it's not.

I've also photographed the tree from the other side of the path (so if you were approaching it from Blackheath Village) and have managed to get the lamppost into two shots this month -  these I think will be the staple photos for each monthly post.

Next month though I'll try to get the whole tree in!

So after a brief reacquaintance with "my tree" and with my photos shot I headed on my way towards Blackheath Village for the slightly more mundane task of collecting a missed parcel from the Post Office!

I'll be back for another look at my mystery tree with the humongous leaves next month...

In the meantime if you know what it might be then please leave a comment below - thanks!