Black & White photo 21: The Paragon, Blackheath

I've had a late change of mind on which black and white photos to share today after my walk into Blackheath yesterday.  I needed to pop into the Village to collect a parcel and as it was a nice day, that wasn't such a bad thing - though I've still no idea how I managed to miss the postman when he called...

I posted the colour-version of this shot yesterday on Instagram and as I did I wondered how the sunlight would look in black and white.   I think it works well with the sun on the last two houses and those in the foreground darker and the columns highlight the curve of the building. Plus the "lacy" tree in the foreground, well I think you know my feelings on trees in black and white!


I've also realised I'm quite partial to a picturesque fence* - this one provides a boundary between The Paragon and the Heath.  In the distance there's the duck pond, and even though I hadn't promised them any bread I nipped off through the side streets to take the more direct route to the Post Office and my parcel. 


* For other recent examples of this obsession see (i) the heather and the railings shot in Greenwich Park at sunset and (ii) the multiple railing shots in A November update on "my" Pawlonia Tomentosa - I rest my case!