Styling the seasons: October

This month I'm a little earlier with my Styling the Seasons post which Katy at Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte at Lotts and Lots run. The idea is that you style an area to reflect what that month means to you. Like last month, this month was relatively easy for me, as this month it's all about returning to work. 

So what better thing to style than a desk. Yes exactly.


This desk is actually a side table and is on my landing rather thank in our study, the light levels are much better there and it's a part of our house we don't get to use that much, so it's nice to dress it up for this.


So, on my desk I have the laptop, a notebook and pen all obvious choices. There's also a mug for my tea and a soup caddy for my lunches.

One of my previous work friends used to like having "Desk flowers" and while I can't manage that I do have a plant - a long life one at that.


There's an apple because I should eat more fruit, and because we're still eating our way through our allotment apples. And some simple wooden cats, because everyone needs to feel like they belong and because I used to lay claim to being almost a crazy cat lady.

My car key is there too - and that's significant, as for the first time in my working life I'll be driving to work. Previously I've hopped on the train into London along with everyone else. But not for this role, I'll be heading off by car and no doubt some days into traffic.


So what does October mean to you?