The Jane Austen garden in Lyme Regis

As is fast becoming tradition for our trips to Devon, we stopped off for breakfast in Lyme Regis. Which in itself is no mean feat given that we live in South London! This time we arrived just before 9am, and as it was the start of October I decided that I'd head for the car park down by the Cobb, there should be plenty of space.

There was and it wasn't long before we were out of the car and heading along the front towards the town, looking hopefully into all of the cafes and eateries that were starting to set up. Without much luck it must be said, one of them pointed us towards a couple of places in the town so we carried on walking. It wasn't a bad walk to have before breakfast, and especially a good walk after a long drive.

Just as it was looking like breakfast might actually be a Devonshire Pasty, we spied a coffee shop serving Breakfast Baps. That will do very nicely thank you, and they did. Having eaten there was still time for another walk along the beach and we planned to head over to the Cobb.

Because no visit to Lyme Regis is complete without a blow around the Cobb is it? 

But before we got there, I got sidetracked by this sign.


Well I just had to investigate didn't I?

So up the steps we went, and walked into a blaze of colour.

And it seemed appropriate that the garden was full of roses.


And full of colour. How glorious are these leaves. I'd love to know how they've changed as the autumn has progressed.

The garden is set into the cliffs and has a a fair amount of concrete in, but even so it's softened by wispy daisies.

And do you know, in all of our visits to Lyme Regis I've never spotted this garden before. Isn't it funny how sometimes you see things you haven't previously?

Ah, just look at that sky.

And it's been a while since I've done any OTT editing, so without further ado here you go:

It is quite bonkers, but then again when a garden has this view out to sea some craziness is allowed I think.

This garden was a great discovery. It wasn't big, but it was colourful and we had it to ourselves. I suspect that in the summer or during the season that's unlikely to happen, so it was nice to see it when we did.

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