Love This #62: A Christmas tree Turkey from Fine Cell

This is another post from my visit to MADE London, and this time it's about the one thing that I bought that evening. Yes, I bought a turkey!

Last night at MADE London, I bought a turkey...

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And despite the comments that it wouldn't feed many, I do think it's rather cute. There were plenty to choose from and in the end I went for the one above with the tweed body.  I want to tell you about the organisation that's behind this and much more.

"Fine Cell Work is a social enterprise that teaches needlework to prison inmates, enabling them to learn a useful skill, make beautiful objects and re-enter society with the independence they need to stop re-offending."

The text above is from their website and it was interesting to hear more about their work that evening. It seems odd to encourage crafts like this, but I know just how calming I find crafts so I can see why this would be a good thing in this type of environment, for all inmates. And I can't help but think it's more conducive to a calmer prison life than other activities, knives and hot, steamy and potentially fraught kitchens spring to mind.


As well as the turkey ornaments I fell for, there were christmas puddings and acorns. And that wasn't all; the SWAG bags raised a smile and the cushions were just beautiful.

This takes place in prisons all across the UK. Inmates are taught and supported by volunteers from the Embroiderers and Quilters Guild and the creative needlework is undertaken in the long hours spent in their cells, and aims to foster hope, discipline and self-esteem. 

The prisoners are paid for their work, which is sold around the world. Some like those I saw at MADE London are perfect for unique handmade gifts, others are pieces for interior design commissions and others heritage pieces for organisations such as the V&A, English Heritage and Tate Modern amongst others.

This year I'll be proudly hanging my turkey on my tree.

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