Sun on Saturday: A walk to the windmill at Odeceixe

Today I'm skipping Cornwall and heading further afield for my Sun on Saturday fix and we're off to Odeceixe in the Algarve region of Portugal.  You'll remember we had a week there back in June 2014 and this is the first post I'm sharing from there.  Yes I know, I'm hanging my head in shame...

Odeceixe (pronounced similar to o-de-SHAYSH) is a small little town which tumbles down the hillside on the borders of the Algarve and Alentejo regions; the Alentejo region is one of those rare places we've visited twice, and even rarer because I could go back again at the drop of a hat.  It's breathtakingly beautiful and life there looks oh so simple.  On our first visit in October 2012 we walked a section of the newly opened Rota Vicentina and despite our sand-filled shoes we had a great time.  On our last trip we took things slightly easier and stayed in one place and used that as our base, at some point I'll share pictures of where we stayed  but right now we've got a windmill to find!

Both of our visits have been about walking rather than the beach thing, but there are beautiful beaches there and the one at Odeceixe is reportedly a good one.  Shortly after arriving in Odeceixe and parking we spied the windmill at the top of the hill and set out to get a closer look. I mean, wouldn't you?

As we headed up into the town, we knew that the views would be fantastic once we reached the windmill and they weren't bad as we winded our way through the town, past elaborate and less elaborate buildings.  

It looks as if some roof repairs are needed here

It looks as if some roof repairs are needed here

Alongside the church we found a set of steps and took these for a more direct route to the windmill.  This was a walk we were playing by ear, we knew where we were heading and were enjoying looking at the buildings and experiencing the feel of the town.

At the top of the steps we were rewarded with this view of the rooftops - and in my view, you can't beat a good rooftop view.  The windmill was getting ever closer, but I found myself admiring the pavement too...


As we walked up past the houses above we thought we'd walked up our last hill.  As we turned the corner we were proved wrong, very wrong! 

And yes the views from the top were worth it.  And we didn't even make use of those chairs placed outside either!

Heading back down into the town we walked past this fab lemon tree in a back garden - it's one that would be perfect for sitting back and drinking gin and tonic in!  Back at the steps the local cat greeted us and escorted us safely down before heading off around the back of the churchyard and no doubt more feline pastimes.  We however headed towards the main square, found a cafe and ordered some drinks and of course cake!  Or bolo which is our most favourite Portuguese word!