Black & White photo: On yer bike!

Friday was a momentous day for our bikes - it was the first time we'd travelled with them on the back of my car. But I think we were probably more worried about it than them. We carefully put our new bike rack back on the car before strapping the bikes to it and checking and double-checking they were secure. Then it was a quick (actually, make that a slow) drive around the block, and another check to make sure nothing had moved before heading through the Blackwall Tunnel and towards Norfolk.

With them loaded onto the car and checked thoroughly, there was only one thing left to do - and that was take a picture! I quite like how it turned out, with the detail of the spokes, wheels, chain and my wicker basket in black and white so thought I'd share that with you today.


We made it here ok - and so did the bikes, so all is good!  Happy Easter!