A walk to the beach at Titchwell...

Today I'm sharing some greenery with a difference, and that's because it's the walk along the West Bank path at the Titchwell Marsh nature reserve. It's just 1km to the beach, but there's so much packed into that short walk.

And it doesn't have a bad view either!

The nature reserve is to our right as we walked along and quite soon we passed the Reedbed pool, where often bearded tits, marsh harriers and bitterns can be seen.  Sadly we didn't spot much, either because we weren't looking well enough or because there wasn't anything to see - I'm not sure which!

Following the Reedbed pool there's the Freshwater marsh with its two hides, that's quickly followed by the Volunteer marsh and then the Tidal marsh. And I bet like me, you just thought there was just marshland, not different sorts - it seems there's more to it than that. The main difference here is saltwater and freshwater, I was paying attention!


There were plenty of benches along the way to sit and enjoy the view, or for the twitchers a chance to rest their equipment and capture some beautiful shots of both the landscape and wildlife alike.

With the dunes in sight, our walk to the beach was almost done and I think this has to be one of the most scenic walks to any beach I've ever been to. And that sky, blue but sadly not quite as warm as it looked, but if the temperature's right I'm convinced that Norfolk could rival any Mediterranean beach resort.

And with that I'm leaving you wondering what's over the dunes, I'll share a post in the next few days of what I found on the beach.