The beach at Titchwell, another of Norfolk's great beaches!

In my post where we walked to the beach down the West Bank path of RSPB Titchwell I left you with this image of the dunes, well today we're going over them and onto the beach.

Yes, what a view! 

On the horizon at the left you can clearly see the wind farm - let me tell you Norfolk is a great place to site one!

Ah, but look at the sand...

Almost straight ahead you see this pile of ruins, and I was keen for a closer look.

Before I tell you more about them, just look at this beach - and we almost had it to ourselves.

I could see no obvious signs of what it once was but after a bit of internet research I've discovered it was the Old Watch Tower. But let's start at the beginning.

Titchwell was once a firing range, where gunners practised their aim and instructors watched from the watch tower.  Further along the beach there are the remains of the rusting tanks, but I didn't see those, and only learnt about them from the internet.

It seems Titchwell has has quite an interesting military history and you can read an interesting account of it here.  The main control tower was at the end of the West Bank path, the one we'd just walked down so this must be its remains.

It survived the 1953 floods - which claimed many lives,  and was demolished by the RAF in 1962 as it was becoming unsafe. And there it still is.

I'll leave you with another shot of the beach...

Norfolk has many great beaches, each of them as expansive as this - and each time we visit a place like this, it really does make my heart sing.

What places make your heart sing?

My Travel Monkey