A new dining room table is on its way...

Yes finally.  And you're right, it has taken a while.

The table we've chosen is one I've shared here before. But did we opt for a zinc topped table, a concrete table, the gorgeous wooden table (Love This #57)  from the Ideal Home Show or the white glass table (Love This #58) we saw at Grand Designs Live?

Remember we had that list of criteria too,

  • wooden, or preferably a wooden top and metal legs,
  • those legs should be offset and not directly under the corners of the table (because I think this makes the table look blocky and bigger than it actually is),
  • a mismatched approach to chairs and one length to be bench seating.

Well the criteria was no help whatsoever, as we've ordered the white glass table from Grand Designs Live!



It is beautiful, but it isn't wood.  And it does have the legs at the corners (and not offset) but they are set on the diagonal, so they don't look blocky. Now all we need to do is wait for its delivery.  

So why did we choose this one?

The first time we saw this table, back in May we were impressed with its sleek lines and the clever way it extended. Then we walked away confused as we thought we wanted a wooden table. We both liked this glass table straight away - and that's unusual in itself, as we usually have different tastes.

After the show we really didn't think too much more about it. Until in September we went to another show at the Excel - The Homebuilding and Renovating Show, and we saw it again. We also saw that concrete table that was briefly considered too (imagine the breakages that could wreak) and once again we left the show both liking the same table. 

There had to be something in this. Thinking about it more carefully, the things we liked were: 

  • Its extend-ability - it easily extends by one metre, in two half metre increments,
  • Its whiteness! Our kitchen-diner can be a dark room, sandwiched between the conservatory and the main living room with no natural light of its own. The white glass will, we hope reflect light into the space, and brighten the room a little. 

And mostly we liked that it fitted with the style of our decor. So after lots of measuring to see which size we should order, some more umming and ahhing and then with the January sales on, last week I took the plunge and ordered the table. 


Now, I just have to be patient for the next 6-7 weeks. Oh, and find some chairs to match, as we didn't like the chairs we'd seen with it before, and the gorgeous ones in the picture are no longer in the showroom. And let's face it, it's taken us this long to decide on the table, so we're not going to buy the chairs unseen now, are we?

The chair hunt has begun and I've a feeling it will be less tricky than finding the right table has been, but more on that soon. 

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