Through the windows at Chenonceau

Today I thought it'd be fun to look out the windows of Chateau de Chenonceau and in doing so make the most of it's unique selling point, which is of course that it's a chateau that spans the river. Which makes for some unusual and unexpected views. On our visit it was an overcast day and light rain had just started as we locked up our bikes. It held off, but just imagine how spectacular the views over the River Cher would have been on a gloriously sunny day, and equally how they might be on days much worse than when we visited.

Looking over the River Cher

There are windows on every level, even in the kitchen which is on the lowest levels. The windows do get more fancy, as you'd expect, as the rooms get grander. The simple window above gives a great view over the river, but the patterned window below is much prettier to look at.

leaded windows at chateau de chenonceau
a close up of the leaded lights at Chenonceau

In the Gallery the windows are much more grand. And arched into alcoves. I like how the panes here pick up the pattern of the classic black and white marble floor. Simple but very effective and demonstrates how repeating patterns just works.

An arched window in The Gallery

As we entered the chateau, I'd spotted people standing on a small balcony above the front door and made a mental note to find our way there. And that happened just as we finished walking through and admiring Katherine Briçonnet's hall, and from the small balcony you can look down to the entrance and over to the Marques tower. The forecourt in front of the tower traces the medieval fortress.

Standing above the front door

Katherine Briçonnet was the wife of Thomas Bohier, who in the 16th century demolished the fortified castle in order to build the chateau. The fortress belonged to the Marques family and all that they left was the keep, the Marques tower, which they renovated in Renaissance style.

Looking towards the Marques Tower

From other parts of the chateau there are great views of Catherine's garden on the left, and Diane's garden on the right.





And before we leave, there's just one more window to show you. Remember that grand front door? Well above it is an arched stained glass window, which as we left we got a great view of

The impressive stained glass above the impressive front door at Chenonceau

So plenty of windows, with great views and lots of detail. I hope you've enjoyed a closer look at this pretty chateau.