Post Comment Love and Blogger Showcase: 7-9 October 2016

Hello and welcome back to another week of Post Comment Love. This week I'm pleased to say we have one of our regular linkers in the Blogger Showcase spot and her timing is impeccable as we were almost without someone this week. So if you'd like to be featured, please do get in touch with Morgan or I.

Last Thursday we left London early and crawled around the M25 for a couple of hours before escaping the traffic for a lovely long weekend in Devon, and I've linked my post which gives a snippet of everything we got up to. I'll warn you now it was a busy one.

My photo is from the one of the many flower arrangements at Killerton and it seems I'm not the only one who likes a sunflower or two.

The thing though about a lovely, but busy weekend away is that it often makes for a tiring start to the week. I'm afraid that means I've been a bit behind commenting this past week, but I'll be catching up with myself over the next week, so please bear with me.

Blogger Showcase: Peachy from The Diary of a Little Peach

I'm Peachy, the blogging baby. I was born in December 2015. Eating, sleeping, and playtime take up a large part of my day and running a blog takes a lot of work and commitment. Luckily I have mommy to help me. She is a very good assistant.

My blog is called The Diary of a Little Peach because when mommy held me on the day I was born, she said I was her sweet little peach. I launched my blog in April of 2016 and it has been an incredible journey. Mommy and I have been enjoying this adventure together and we can't wait to see where it will lead us next.

The Diary of a Little Peach is a parenting blog written from the perspective of a baby. I write stories about my observations, thoughts, and discoveries. I have been told that I am funny and that my perspective on things tends to be humorous. Maybe that's just because big people don't understand the serious business of being a baby.

My blog isn't just a collection of fun stories and entertaining tales. I want to be useful and helpful to parents and my fellow babies. I rely on my personal experiences, along with some research assistance from mommy, to share helpful tips, ideas, and guides on subjects such as bedtime routines, feeding, developing social skills, playtime, physical activities, and more.

Mommy and I have been busy developing a new section on The Diary of a Little Peach which consists of my favourite baby food recipes. Mommy cooks, I taste test, and then my favourite recipes get published on my blog. It has been going very well and my online cookbook has been expanding at a steady pace.

Not only am I busy doing taste testing, I do product testing as well. Toys, clothes, and baby gear are subjected to my rigorous testing. I even try out apps because a modern baby needs to stay on top of developments in technology. My favourite finds get a review on my blog.

The Diary of a Little Peach is a different kind of parenting blog with a unique take on things. I want to share everything that mommy and I have found useful on our journey together, along with a good helping of fun and humour. Being a baby is hard work, and mommy claims parenting isn't easy either, but that doesn't mean we have to be miserable about it.

Here is a sampling of my favourite posts:

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