Packing up the garden

Clearly on a roll after my allotment discoveries last weekend we also headed into the garden for the first time in a while too.  The high-level plan was to prepare it for winter, but that turned into a full day of work. I told you it had been a while.

The plastic cover went over the patio table and chairs, and given the rain this week that's been a good thing. I cut the spent agapanthus flowers, and awarded myself the award for the prettiest trug. 

How pretty is this garden trug full of spent agapanthus flowers, which somehow look like LED lights

I admired the berries on the pyracantha, of which there are many, and once again listened to MOH's tales of woe of a cold winter. He may be right, but in all honesty, one year he has to be right. And it could well be this one given how chilly it's been this past week.

Admiring the pyracantha berries

The orange chrysanthemums were moved closer to the house so we can see them and their colour from indoors. The solar lights were packed away into the greenhouse. And so were my garden ornaments. Pots were wrapped in bubble wrap. And the fox-proofing greenhouse wire-door has been rolled up and a place has been made for it in MOH's shed.

orange chrysanthemums are doing well.
The vintage pool sign has a new home, and no I've still no plans to get a pool

Towards the back of the garden - and in the working part of the garden - I rediscovered some brassicas I'd sown from seeds and rosemary cuttings I'd taken before the large, woody rosemary bush was sacrificed for the new barbeque stand. Does it make me a bad gardener to admit I'd completely forgotten about them? They'd done a good job though of looking after themselves, and nothing a good drink wouldn't fix. And yes, I mean them, not me. 

I've had some success with my rosemary cuttings, all of which I took from the large rosemary bush I put in the skip earlier in the year
curly kale in a pot, which i forgot all about

I remembered why I'd forgotten them.  I'd run out of room on the allotment so had potted my seedlings on and planned to move them over at some point. Yes I'd over-sown my brassicas by a whole five seed trays. There's curly kale, cabbages and purple sprouting broccoli to plant out.

And now, for the first time I know how those vegetable gardens I covet manage to grow cabbages in line. It's the closest I've come to that, but I know in reality they will just be shoved in the allotment where the tomatoes have been and where we can fit them in. But maybe next year I'll be more organised and be able to plant cabbages in lines. Who knows.

Next to the temporary brassica staging I noticed the strawberries were looking well and healthy. On closer inspection I realised one was flowering and that I've at least a couple of strawberries too. I don't think they'll do anything, but they must be pretty confused plants.

It's november so why are my strawberries flowering and fruiting

My small Christmas tree is thriving, butI have no plans to move it indoors, I think that's just as well as it's looking very settled. Next to it my white berried plant is doing well. Not many leaves, but lots of berries. Cue the lots of berries equals a cold winter conversation. Again.

white berried plant
I cut my sage back and it's making a good comeback

The sage which I cut back hard when it flowered is having another go and growing well. The speckled leaves look pretty, but it's the young green ones I like fried. 

A little bit of moss in my greenhouse gutter

I also spotted a little bit of moss in my greenhouse guttering. And while it shows off my tardy greenhouse side, I couldn't help but share as it makes for a great picture. Or I think so anyway. If anyone asks, it was an experiment to see how it grew. But yes, it's another job on the list for Spring.

Do you have a growing list of jobs for next year, already?