There's something about a hotel room isn't there?

The trend for hotels still seems to be dark and moody. And done well it's a very good look for a hotel. Recently we stayed in the Brooklands Hotel in Weybridge and they do the dark and moody look well. Much better than the hotel I stayed in once that did dark so well that I needed to use the torch on my iPhone to check that I'd not left anything in the wardrobe. 

I knew we were in for a treat when I looked up and spotted this sculptural light. 

The lights in the foyer in the Brooklands Hotel in Surrey

And when I say there's something about a hotel room, I mean luxury. And comfort. And often a whopping great big bed. 

Our room at Brooklands hotel in Weybridge

And this room was no different. The fresh linen. The big bed. So big that I managed to lose my phone in the middle of it and neither MOH or I slept on it all night. Bliss. 

A leather shaped headboard on a hotel king-sized bed with plumped up cushions
Brooklands Hotel in Weybridge - a bedside light a leather headboard and now I'm off to bed zzzzz

And there's always a desk isn't there?

Brooklands Hotel Weybridge - there's always a desk in a hotel room isn't there

And often a standard lamp. This one was great and had the look of giant bubble wrap according to MOH. He doesn't get out much, but I can kind of see what he means.

Brooklands Hotel in Weybridge, and a funky standard light too

And the bathroom. That excelled at dark and moody, but also sparkling too. A nice large sink, a huge mirror, toiletries that made me smile. 

Brooklands Hotel in Weybridge, like me do you check out the bathroom too
Brooklands Hotel in Weybridge with Pecksniff's Happy toiletries - which made me smile

And a stunning shower. This I would happily have at home.

Brooklands Hotel in Weybridge - oh what a beautiful shower

It's the excitement isn't it. Of hotel rooms. To see what you've been allocated. To see its decor. To see if that matches up to the style of the public areas. And this one did, and more. 

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* With thanks to STIHL, whose guests we were at the Brooklands Hotel in Surrey.