Dad's garden one month on

Last week I shared pictures from dad's garden from a month ago and it was still full of colour. I was curious to see how much it had changed in a month, and how the dahlias, roses and fuchsias had fared. And the short answer is relatively well. The dahlias were still flowering but were in that faded beauty stage, which can be equally pretty.

Dahlia's in dad's garden are at the faded beauty stage
A real faded beauty of a dahlia in dad's norfolk garden
faded dahlias, just as beautiful or scruffy

The fuchsias were still going strong, although I suspect there won't be too many more of those bulbous buds opening, but I could be wrong.  It seems slightly strange to see them so late in the year, don't you think?

Fuchsias still in flower in dad's norfolk garden at the end of november
A bulbous bud of a fuchsia in november

The roses had fared least well, and although there were many, many less flowers there were still a few buds, and some that won't make it.

Some roses were still flowering but there were decidedly less flowers
Roses had fared less well in the past month but not unsurprisingly so

In the greenhouse, the giant aloe veras still seem to be thriving and I'm sure, just like me, they were enjoying the warmth of the sun when it was out. The oxalis and the heucheras actually seemed to have deepened their colour.

Aloes glowing in the November Norfolk sun
The oxalis in the greenhouse is going from strength to strength
the colours on the heucheras seem to be deepening

But it goes to show that although there have been changes in a month, there hasn't been a dramatic change and there is still colour in dad's garden. And there was a new colour addition in the greenhouse too, these look to me to be begonias, I'm hesitating because it is November and they're flowering, so I could be wrong. Do you know?

These look to me to be begonais, except it's November and they're flowering

Either way, I'm loving the colour against the terracotta pot.