Habitat's Christmas Supper Club

A couple of weeks ago I headed up to the Habitat store on Tottenham Court Road. Nothing strange about that you might think, but it wasn't to shop. Yes, that's a little bit strange, I'll give you that. Instead of shopping I was off to the first of Habitat's Supper Clubs. What I failed to realise until I got there was that I'd spend the evening eating dinner in the shop window.  Thankfully not alone, but I can't help but wonder what the people wandering past must have thought. 

I'm a big fan of Habitat, it was always the epitome of cool as I was growing up and any item bought from there was treasured. In recent years I've rediscovered my Habitat habit and I'm glad that I have too. And I think it's just as cool now.

I never expected to have dinner in one of their shops, in the shop window or not, but I'm very glad I did. Even better the main course was fondue, so what's not to like. I mean cheese, or should that be che-e-e-e-e-e-se!  I'm not sure I've really appreciated the delights of fondue before, but I'm seriously tempted by one for myself. I mean at home, and of course I'd share, not just keep it for myself.

I had a hunch that we were in for a good evening when I arrived. I mean with a table looking as full and as festive as this, it'd be hard not to right?

A riotous Christmas table just as Christmas tables should be
A Habitat Christmas Supper Club place setting
Paper crafted baubles in fuchsia pink

After a starter of hot smoked salmon, gin cured salmon, salmon caviar, avocado cream and pickled cucumber the promise of a good evening was confirmed. It was delicious, and you'll be pleased to hear usual service has resumed and I was halfway through demolishing it before I even thought about taking a photo.  And as a half-demolished meal is nowhere near as pretty as it should be, you'll just have to take my word for it being good.

Then there was a chance to make a Mulled Mojito cocktail. It was the kind of cocktail making I like, for making read assembling as everything was laid out for us.  But you'll see from the pictures below, it still takes some concentration.  

Image credit: Habitat

Image credit: Habitat

Image credit: Habitat

Image credit: Habitat

And cocktail making too, spiced rum mojito anyone?

It tasted great and it's definitely something I'd try at home, actually scrap that, it's definitely something I'll be encouraging MOH to make for me at home. Yes, that's better.

Back at the table the fondue of Gruyere, Emmental and Beaufort cheese with white wine, kirsch, nutmeg and spices had arrived and it tasted even better than it looks. It was served along with boiled new potatoes, green salad, crusty bread and charcuterie and crudites. 

Fondue, I remember my parents had one of these and they were super cool
Image credit: Habitat

Image credit: Habitat

At our end of the table the vegetables and crudities didn't get too near the cheese, it was all about the charcuterie, bread and potatoes for us

Delicious. I was skeptical about the charcuterie and fondue, but along with the crusty bread it was my most dipped item. Pure heaven. Charcuterie, cheese, bread, red wine, cocktails, I told you it was a good evening didn't I?

But there was more food to come and while this dark chocolate mousse pudding with espresso mascarpone and banana in smashed shortbread was good, it beat me. It won't be often you hear that from me and while the banana sounds odd, it was gorgeous. 

And this was the chocolate pudding that beat me - in my defence it was the day after my crown fell out and eating with a swollen tongue wasn't easy

And if that wasn't enough, with the coffee along came some homemade treats - biscotti, homemade hazelnut bon bons, you know the ones that the Ambassador likes, and some mint aero. Well the mint aero was amazing, so light and fluffy and so much better than the chocolate covered bars. 

homemade mint aero that was to die for
simple gold circle garland on a glass and wooden table
And if like me you like the dinnerware and decorations on the table, here's some links to them, or similar items:
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  • And if you want some more Christmas table inspiration, pop over to the Habitat blog for this post: Decorating the Table for Christmas.

    Thanks Habitat for a great evening!

    * This is a collaborative post with Habitat, but as usual, all views and opinions are my own.