A Christmas table with TK Maxx

As this year has been all about our new table and chairs, when TK Maxx got in touch to collaborate on a homewares post, I was keen to see how I could use some of their christmas decorations to dress my new table in a fun, and probably not so practical way. So on a recent miserable Sunday afternoon we headed along to the Orpington branch, to see what we could find.

I was rather pleased with this Merry Christmas garland. It's on two strings, so normal people could hang them one above the other. Clearly I'm not normal as I spent more time than I should have getting these to stand up on the radiator cover. The Christmas was trickier, as you can see, and some of the letters were refusing and a little skew-whiff. But I don't mind that, and rather like the character this brings to what is usually an undecorated part of our house. 

Merry Christmas wooden banner, which of course I couldn't just hang on the wall

I think some blu-tak might be deployed!

On the table the jingle bell lights, with gingham bows brought much amusement, as the bells are proper bells. The lights are battery operated and will be great to have on our table Christmas Day for some festive fun.  I'll also be having some of those cute tea lights on the table, even though it will be tough to light the top of his hat.

A christmas table decorated with items from TK Maxx

I was keen to pick up some of these recycled glasses. Not only because they're recycled, but also because our hi-ball glasses are getting tired and could do with replacing. At just £5.99 for four glasses I don't think you can go wrong, and as I'm on a bit of a "drink more water" campaign, having glasses I'm proud to put on the table helps.

Recycled glasses from TK Maxx

And how could I leave this cheeky faced reindeer garland in the shop. It's wooden with hints of gold and cheeky faces, and I know it'll fit in with the rest of my wooden decorations. I also think it'd look good intermingled with my garland of dried oranges, cinnamon sticks and pine cones.

reindeers garlands, father christmas tea lighters and jingle bell lights from TK Maxx
With the jingle bell lights turned on, the reindeer garland and father christmas tea lights, with one of the owls looking on - all from TK Maxx

I told you the jingle bell garland lit up didn't I? Here you can see the one of the owls looking on. These have been the decoration of the year for me, they're really quite cute and have migrated to my tree, making themselves perfectly at home.

These cute owls from TK Maxx are my favourite decoration so far this year
The cheery owl from TK Maxx - one of a pack of three - surveys the decorations on the table
Baubles, bells, owls and tea lights on my christmas table
A cheeky reindeer garland among the jingle bell lights from TK Maxx
A christmas table with TK Maxx

I had great fun styling my festive table with the decorations I picked up from TK Maxx. You'll be pleased to know that as well as the glasses for water and the water jug, there will also be some bubbles on our table this Christmas, because well, because bubbles were made for Christmas.

The other thing I was keen to pick up was a new star for the top of my tree. I'd converted a beaded star decoration which I've used for many years, so it was time for a change. In the end I settled on this gold diamante style star, with its spring-like base, which makes it way easier than my converted star, especially when the tree is 6 foot and I'm not!

A gold star for the top of my christmas tree from TK Maxx

I'm pleased with the items I picked up - the glasses, the jingle bell garland, the reindeer garland, the Merry Christmas sign, the Father Christmas tea lights, the cheeky owls and the glittery star tree topper - and I was even more pleased with the price, all of this came to £38. 

Have you updated your decorations this year?

This is a collaborative post with TK Maxx, who provided a gift voucher for the purposes of this post. All views are my own.