A year in Greenwich Park: November and new routes

My month in Greenwich Park this month has been one full of colour and one full of new routes. Partly that's been because I've been leaving work later and because it's darker now the clocks have changed, but my new route home rarely includes a walk through the park. Initially I missed the amount of time I had in the park, but that was short lived as I've taken many different routes through the park this month, and so I've probably seen more of it than usual.

It does mean this is a photo heavy post. I've taken so many, and these are just a few of those.  At the start of the month you can see how green the trees still were, with the yellowing of the leaves just starting to take place.

admiring the colour on my walk to work in greenwich park

But as the month went on the yellow started to take over - no bad ting if you ask me! And the tree that I've taken a shine too looked just as good with yellow leaves as it did with green. As it dropped its leaves I started to notice a birds nest towards the top of the tree.

The tree that's caught my eye has turned a fantastic shade of autumn

And while there's been lots of colour, the line of trees below against the skyline looked so much more dramatic in black and white.

And while there has been lots of autumn colours in november these trees look great in black and white against the skyline

Leaves. Well if they're not on the trees, they have to go somewhere don't they? I've walked through piles of them both in the park and in the surrounding streets. No wonder they sell leaf mulch. We have our own supply in the garden, which we need to capture this weekend. We've had our sycamores pollarded again, but of course not before the majority of the leaves came down...

There's been lots of leaves this month, lovely russet and golden tones caught up against the park gates

There was heavy rain this month too and I had a squelchy walk to work one day in my trainers. So much rain that puddles formed on the grass, and of course I took a photo or two, I was captivated by the reflection in the puddles.

But there's been squelchier times too, after heavy rainfall there were puddles on the grass throughout greenwich park

Going through the photos for this post it's easy to see how the colours have changed, but day to day it's been more gradual.  The shot below is the same avenue of trees as the first photo above. Quite a change isn't there?

As the month went on the leaves on the trees were less and less
It's been a month of colour and I couldn't resist getting up close to the leaves

And the majority of leaves have gone from my favourite tree. There's just a few remaining at the bottom, and the birds nest is much more exposed now and I can't help but think it's become just a little more draughty up there.

The tree I've been watching is now completely bare, but that revealed a birds nest at the top of the branches
Through the month the colours have changed from green to yellow and then brown

The new routes started around the middle of the month, I've walked many of the paths now and even walked around the edge. One morning I thought I'd walk the reverse of my non-park route home, to see what it was like in the light. But in doing so, I captured this view of the trees through the railings. 

a different view of greenwich park, this time from the street and through the railings

And when I couldn't bear to watch from the outside any more, the view got even better. The sun and shade, the blue skies and fluffy white clouds and the colours of the trees, along with the path leading me through it. What's not to like?

white clouds and blue skies, sunshine and shade and taking a new path in greenwich park

And then it got cold. It's been quite a month for weather. The first frosts were still evident when I arrived in the park and this next photo is looking into a frosty flower garden.

a morning frost in the flower garden in greenwich park this november

As I walked further into the park the frost was still heavy and the bare trees provided the perfect foil for the view. 

Looking through the trees at a frosty greenwich park

I never expected November to be the most bountiful month picture-wise so far, but it has been. The colours, the sun and the frosts have all contributed to that, and I'm learning so much more about the park that I walk through every day on the way to work.

What have you noticed about your special place this month?