London's Winter Run

This time last year MOH and some friends set out on the London Winter Run, running 10k around the capital's streets raising money for Cancer Research UK. A year on and he was back on the streets taking part again, this time without his running buddies due to injuries and one even moving to another country - which is a bit drastic, if you ask me.

So earlyish on Sunday we headed into town to be ready for his start time of 9.38; it was that light drizzly rain which, while it's good to run in, wasn't much fun for supporters. Thankfully because of my lingering cough I was excused from the hardcore supporting and my only job was to hold his bag. And take photos.


The run started in Trafalgar Square headed off towards Holborn and then towards St Paul's and the City before heading back and ending on Whitehall. We did the obligatory pre-run photos and then set about finding out where we should be.  

Trafalgar Square was filling up and the fountains were proving popular as a stretching aid.  With the warm-ups done and MOH's starting wave called he headed off towards the start line. 


There was plenty going on in the square so I had a wander and soon found some St Bernards - real and less real.


And it seems that the London fox - a well known, and not always loved creature - was also taking part.  


I worked my way to the start line wondering if I'd spot MOH - I didn't. 


No surprise really, when you see just how many people there were waiting to start. The snowmen were doing their best to entertain the runners, generously dishing out hugs and posing for photos.


The rain continued, and with MOH's wave started there was only one thing for it. Breakfast - the cafe's close to the start were pretty full but just along The Strand I ducked into Paul. It turned out to be an inspired choice as I had a clear vantage point as the runners returned and headed to the finish. 


Of course, once again I didn't spot MOH go past and met him as arranged in the pub nearby where he welcomed the espresso, mini croissant and the pint of beer that was waiting for him.  He was rather chuffed with his time too completing the 10k in just 49 minutes - the fastest he'd run for a while. He tells me this is an eight minute mile, which sounds pretty good to me.


He enjoyed it, liked the course and didn't even mind the rain. It seems his mission now is to encourage me to take part next year - because yes, he's already signed up for next year. He'll have his work cut out though, while I don't mind running - well I don't think I'd mind it if I got past the first few weeks of running, I'm not a fan of organised running so it's very unlikely I'll be running alongside him next year on the day.

I much prefer the job of looking after the bags!