Some shiny Alessi table accessories

On Sunday after enjoying a celebratory pint with MOH following his 10k run we took advantage of being in town and headed off to the Alessi flagship store for a spot of shopping. Well it would have been rude not to. 

You see, with a new table on the way we decided we wanted some new table accessories. Our new table is white glass, so we wanted something equally modern - but still practical - to show it off and after some pre-shopping internet browsing soon settled on something chrome. 

It's very likely - given our current behaviour - that we'll leave a couple of coasters on the table at all times, so we wanted some that we'd be proud to leave there. We left the Alessi store with these:

They were a bit of a bargain. They were only two in the shop and both were ex-display, so we were offered - and accepted - a discount on these.

That was handy as we hadn't finished selecting our purchases just yet.

We were also keen to buy some kind of centrepiece. We often have fruit on the table but wanted an upgrade to our Denby bowl that we currently use. There's nothing wrong with it, but a new table called for something else.

And while we wanted something practical - to put fruit in still - I didn't want another bowl to store somewhere when it wasn't in use. This Blow Up Basket (which doesn't blow up at all) was perfect for us. 

I haven't unpacked it yet, so you'll have to make do with a picture of the box!  With fruit in it's a fruit bowl. And without fruit it's a kind of modern art sculpture. Perfect.

And I finally got around to buying the trivet I've been lusting after since I saw it at the Christmas in July event I went to, erm last July.

It really is very clever as it'll fit any size dish - you just place the knobbly, jack-like pieces so they fit under your dish.

And yes, the man in the shop knew what I meant when I asked for the Jacks trivet - he had to explain it to his assistant after we left. In case you're struggling with the Jacks comparison, take a look here.

So a successful trip, and we managed to leave the shop without looking at the cutlery or buying one of their iconic juicers. Although for the latter it was a very close call...


I think MOH was expecting to also leave with some new place mats. And while I don't like to disappoint we already have two sets and really don't need another. I do have a plan though for giving one set a bit of a revamp. I think I should have enough time before the table and chairs arrive to put that plan into action.

Until then, I think I'm done with table-related shopping.


Can you hear MOH sigh with relief?

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