Excitement and clarity, but still work in progress

Well yesterday was new-table-Tuesday and I can't tell you how excited that made me!

We knew our new table was about due, but the call on Saturday afternoon to arrange delivery took us by surprise. By chance MOH was already planning to be at home yesterday so I added a task to his workload for the day - wait in for the new table!

It arrived within its timeslot and it wasn't long before it was assembled and I received this photo from MOH. 



As I said, it's still a work in progress. As while yesterday was new-table-Tuesday we're still waiting for a delivery date for our new chairs. They're due in the next couple of weeks so until then we'll be using the reproduction-style chairs because at least that way we can use our new table!

Already it's brought our dining area bang up-to-date (well if you ignore the chairs) and MOH who saw it in full daylight, said it's amazing how much lighter it is in that part of our house. Which is good as that's what we hoped would happen with a white glass table.

And I'm so impressed that he texted me a photo of it without prompting!  

Clearly my new table excitement was obvious.





Now I'm super-excited for the chairs to be here.

Pinpointing the issue with our study (aka my craft room)

We've made other progress too this week, quite unexpectedly as it turns out.  As we now have a "spare" pigeon shelf to find a home for - as we decided against hanging them both in the porch - clearly not really a problem as I quite quickly knew it would be ideal in my craft room, or the room MOH still calls the study.

It's a room in the eaves so only has two straight walls, and one of those is covered with bookcases. This means there's really only one wall it can go on which we measured and of course it fits. What MOH didn't know was that I was really measuring to see if I could fit a pinboard in alongside it, but I'll let him know that nearer the time. 

So with its final location agreed (well the wall, if not the actual placement) we needed to decide on the colour. I'm loathed to have another pot of paint to store, which we'll never use again but the eggshell colours we have didn't go with the cream walls. I've written before that I wasn't sure about the cream being the right colour, and now rather than ignore it I had to face it head on.

MOH agreed. But each of us knew there's quite a bit of painting ahead. So our plan is to decorate half of our top floor, replacing the cream colour with something from the cooler palette.  MOH is keen for a pale green that we used to have up there, and I'm tending to agree.

And you know what, with that decision has come clarity. And renewed vigour to get the study in particular sorted out as it's the place that is storing the things we're not quite sure what to do with.

A revised to do list

  1.  Finish painting the "spare" pigeon shelf to hang in the study

  2. Repaint the cream in the study and the top bedroom a cooler colour (including the built in floor to ceiling open shelving unit)

  3. Dejunk both of those rooms (probably before we start painting)

  4. Find new homes for our reproduction table, chairs, corner unit and sideboard so that we can reclaim the conservatory before we want to use the conservatory as it was intended.

  5. Finally hang the picture wall I've been planning in my head on the study wall.

Simple hey? There is, I fear much more to it than these five simple steps - I'll keep you posted...

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