A sculpture in paper

We're back inside the London Design Centre again today, this time on the ground floor in the South Dome and it's about something special. It's something slightly unusual for my usual "month in paper" post and it's hard to believe this is made entirely from paper, but it is. 

This sculpture in paper was commissioned by the Design Centre to celebrate London Design Week 2016 and this floral couture-inspired gown by Zoe Bradley is the result. 

sculpture in paper

Isn't it fabulous?

The theme of the London Design Week show was blue so this fits that perfectly and the shape of the skirt also mimics the domes that I showed in yesterday's post.  There's quite a bit of work in this sculpture too - and I think sculpture is the right word, don't you?

There's 400 handmade flowers on display here, and I bet you can't guess how many petals?  

floral detail
floral paper close up

The wild roses are made up of 2,500 petals, chrysanthemums with 1,188 petals and there's 3,500 leaves.  And there's 17,500 folds in the whole piece too.  If I could make one flower that looked as good as this I think I'd be happy!

floral couture-inspired gown
papercraft by Zoe Bradley

It really was something to see and something like I've not seen before, but something I'm glad I did.

Zoe Bradley London Design Week 2016