A lovely day for a walk around the car park!

Well wasn't yesterday a lovely day? So nice that I decided to take my book and head outside at lunchtime. I'd planned to sit and read my book but it didn't quite work out that way, partly because there weren't enough benches out just yet and partly because it was one of the first times I'd had the inclination to explore the river setting in the car park at work. Usually I don't get past turning into the third row of parked cars, finding a space and heading indoors. 

As I looked for a bench I couldn't help but spot this giant-like clump of bluebells. In the grass on their own. And before I knew it my iPhone was capturing a close-up too.

bluebells on the grass
bluebells close up

You see they really are quite by themselves.

bluebells in the car park

Heading down towards the exit I soon found myself admiring the in-bud magnolia which was spilling onto the bridge.

magnolia on the bridge

I paused to admire the view of the river (below) and then spotted the abandoned estate agents board (above - bottom left!)

River Cray

The sun was out, and the gorse was enjoying it as much as me. For some reason my phone over-exposed my next few shots, clearly it's not used to the sun either just now.  But that meant I could play with the colours as I edited this shot.

gorse in the sun

The lush looking trees with new growth were competing with the ironwork railings, and it seems they've got the right idea by caging the ivy...

tree new growth
caged ivy

Heading back towards the benches - for a last check to see if there was space, there wasn't - I paused and wondered if I hadn't told you that the shot below was taken of the space between two office building's car parks, if you'd have known?  It's quite countrified really isn't it?

river setting

And to end this post there's a grass silhouette of me, carrying my book looking for a bench. Yes it really was a lovely day for a wander around the car park. 

a grass silhouette

And if you're wondering, no I didn't get any of my book read. I'll be trying again today, let's hope it's just as nice!

Lizzie Somerset