Post Comment Love 22-24 April 2016

Hello - welcome back to another week of Post Comment Love - and hasn't it been nice to see some sun this week?  I'm never much of one for a coat, especially on my driving commute and this week I've managed without a cardy and have dug out some summer dresses, and it's been lovely.  Long may it continue and hopefully we won't all be back in jumpers and scarves next week!

Thank you too, to everyone who got in touch about featuring in a future Newbie Showcase - it was lovely to hear from you. If you meant to email us and haven't got around to it yet, it's not too late - do it now!  But remember your blog needs to be under a year old to qualify.

This weekend I'm looking forward to the London Marathon. The Blue start runners, including the wheelchairs and the elite runners, go straight past our front door so it's a busy morning for us cheering them on. Then usually once they've all gone past we head back indoors for a hearty breakfast, it really is quite exhausting!

Newbie Showcase: Mainy from

Mainy started her blog - - at the start of this year and she blogs to relax and have a creative outlet, and sees her blog as a bit of "me"time.  Her blog is a mix of family tales, book reviews and arts and crafts. And as you may have guessed most of her posts feature have a fairy or folklore element to them.

You can read more about Mainy, her blog and see her favourite posts over on Morgan's blog.

Connect with Mainy here:

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