A bathroom full of glamour

Today I'm sharing another room set from this year's Ideal Home Show.  I shared the kitchen last week, so thought I'd stick with functional rooms and show you the bathroom.  And it's a glamorous one at that, with a distinctive touch of Art Deco.

It's also huge - and that makes it unlike most of our bathrooms - but I think the concepts would work in the majority of bathrooms, whatever the size.  And as they say, the smaller the bathroom the bolder you should go.

two sinks marble and mirrors

The information about this GoodHomes Roomset said that it'd "been inspired by the soft colours of candy floss and putty."  Hmmm, I can see what they mean, but i wonder where they got that inspiration from?

glamour bathroom good homes roomsets

The Art Deco touches  - the brass fittings and shower head and the beautiful free standing, what looks like a trolley, used as storage - complete the room and give it personality and warmth.

round brass storage
glass jars

The marble-style flooring and modern tiles are a great backdrop for the standalone bath. I like the style of this one and think I much prefer the modern shaped baths to the claw footed ones.  Not that either of my bathrooms could accommodate either of these.  We looked at a house once that had a large bathroom, and while it was nice it did feel as if it was too luxurious on space.  We later discovered they'd converted a bedroom, and that made sense.  We didn't buy the house (obviously) the garden was a courtyard and I think we had bigger rugs than it.

bath taps and marble
a lovely relaxing bathroom

What do you think?  Is this style something you'd do in your bathroom?  Or like me, is your bathroom too small for much of this?