Let's talk sofas

Yes I know that’s a huge topic, but it’s important to get the right one or ones isn’t it?  They’re not something we buy every day, so we need to get it right. And if you’re anything like me, it’s a piece of furniture that gets used everyday.

We currently have leather sofas, a two-seater and a three-seater in brown leather.  They’re almost ten years old now and if I’m honest have seen better days.  

But where to start identifying replacements?

As you’ll know from the hunt for dining room chairs I like to have an idea of what I’m after before I head to the shops. So the four things I’ve considered for our replacement sofas are:

1. Size

It sounds obvious doesn’t it, but you’d be surprised by how many sofas I’ve fallen for and then once we’ve measured just don’t fit in the space we have.  I saw a beautiful sofa a few years ago in a shop in Taunton of all places, don’t ask me why we were looking at sofas so far from home.  

It was a grey patterned sofa and gorgeous. But too big.  I got as far as taking the measurements and asking about delivery before I admitted this sofa wasn’t going to workBut then my investigations took on a new tack and I pored over websites to find the material.  I found it and had samples sent and my plan was to have our new sofas covered with this fabric.  

Of course that didn’t happen - and I’m lucky that we’d already measured our existing sofas and the space around them or otherwise I think I’d have been very close to an impulse buy that day in Taunton!  And now I’m glad it didn’t work out as I’m not sure the pattern I fell in love with really had the longevity I was after.

2. Layout and function

It’s worth considering what you want from your sofa.  Does it need to incorporate a spare bed for example.  Ours doesn’t but it’s worth considering.  We’re happy too with the two seater and three seater approach, even though there are many modern corner sets available.

3. Design

As I said before, our current sofas are brown leather, this time though we’re looking for a fabric finish.  They looked smart, were cool to sit on which was welcome in the summer (less so in winter!) and you might be wondering why we’re after something different this time.  

Partly that’s for a change, but it’s also because we hope the fabric sofas will absorb sounds more than leather.  This may not be a consideration for you but with a wooden floor and an open spiral staircase MOH is always encouraging more soft furnishings here.  It’s not that he’s a cushion fiend, but he says it makes his hifi sound less boomy.  Yes dear.

Instead of the large floral pattern I fell in love with in Taunton, we’re aiming for something more neutral but something that adds some texture to the room.  I might be setting myself up for another challenge here, but I’m hoping not.

4. Style

Now this is the big one. MOH chose our current sofas so I’m hoping for the casting vote this time round!  Thankfully we are both on the same lines, neither of us are pining for frilly and flouncy sofas. We’re after one with clean lines, that is functional and still looks good.It needs to be comfortable, to have enough of an arm to rest on, but not too much that it's tempting to rest a cup of tea on and be able to live through some minor decorating. 

That’s not too much to ask is it?

I've been looking online for inspiration, and these sofas from Habitat are what I think I'm looking for and the Chester sofa is just what I had in mind. There's a two seater and three seater version, so it could work.
 CHESTER SOFA BY HABITAT Image source: Habitat

Image source: Habitat

  CHESTER SOFA BY HABITAT   Image source: Habitat

Image source: Habitat

But neutral’s boring!

No, it’s not or it doesn’t have to be. 

Not everything in our home needs to be bright, colourful or bling.  If you look at most rooms, and especially those in magazines most of the room, often seventy percent, is the room’s dominant colour with just thirty percent of a secondary and accent colour, which can be added through accessories such as cushions and throws.




Now I have a plan of what I’m after I’m looking forward to the shopping!  What does your perfect sofa look like?


This is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own