Pepping up some patio pots

I noticed that my Spring pots had sprung and were all but done when I started to tackle the garden last weekend. And I resolved to change that and get some bedding plants for the patio. I asked MOH what colour plants he fancied this year - I wasn't quite expecting the look of confusion though. When pressed he chose orange, because as he later said, he thought it'd be hard. 

It wasn't actually. So orange and white we have. 

At the garden centre one lunchtime I picked up some Gazanias, Bellis, Tagetes and Allysum and left them in the boot of my car for the afternoon... Ahem. At home later they soon recovered, it's amazing what a drink of water can do. 

five pots, lots of plants some sun and the will to have some pretty pots on the patio

I have five patio pots which stand along the edge of the patio - somehow odd numbers work best here - but when I bought the plants I hadn't worked out how I would split the twelve of each variety equally between the pots. I was pretty sure though that six trays would be ample.  

I still didn't know how I was going to split them as I started planting, so I broke the plants away from those terrible polystyrene cases and laid them in the pots: two of the Alyssum, Gazanias and Bellis for each pot and one of the Tagetes. 

It's not symmetrical, but it seems to work. Pleased with avoiding a complicated maths lesson I rewarded myself with some faffing about on my phone.  

laying out the planting
An orange gazania ready to unfurl and flower
Gazania catching the evening sun
Bellis white flowers standing tall
A close up of the white bellis
White frothy allysum
tagetes one per pot

And there you have it, some pepped up pots for our patio. And some that conform to the request, however tongue-in-cheek it was made. But why, oh why do I find myself covered in compost whenever I plant up pots?

Please say it's not just me!

covered in compost
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