Three of my favourite hedges

Yes, you read that right. I have favourite hedges. They're pretty special too. I love how they're shaped and recognisably so. At home I shape some of my plants but so far haven't really ventured too far from the box spheres or the cone shaped yew.  Maybe one day I will, but in the meantime I'll be admiring these hedges instead.

1. The "wave" hedges at the Thames Barrier Park

We discovered this one on a bike ride and it was an unexpected find especially so close to home too. The hedges are in one an old lock which was an entrance to London's docks. We've cycled past these many times since and one day I'll stop again for another photo shoot!

2. The bubble hedges at Houghton Hall

This was on another cycling adventure and quite a day too.  As I made my way to Houghton Hall to meet MOH my chain came off and without any tools to start to fix it I was stranded until MOH found me.  That prompted a purchase of my own bike tool as you'd imagine I didn't want to be stuck like that again.

We got soaked, dried out in the cafe and had a great afternoon wandering around the house, its grounds and the walled garden - it's a huge place too, so plenty of room for hedges.  These bubble hedges were my favourite but there's also the Sybil hedge here and much, much more to see.

3. The elephant hedge at Stiffkey

Another Norfolk hedge, this one is in someone's garden so to see this one there was some strategic walking up and down and getting up on tiptoes. But it was worth it, just look.

So there you have my favourite hedges, do you know of more I'd like?