There ain't no party like a 110th party!

Well clearly that's not quite the lyrics that S-Club planned, but next year MOH and I are having a party. Quite a big one, well maybe not that big but we'll be celebrating 110 years.  That's fifty years each and ten years married before you age me, or him!

And our birthdays and wedding anniversary fall in May, June and July we'll most likely plump for a date somewhere in the middle, much the same as we did when choosing the date to get married eleven years ago. As we're creatures of habit - we all are deep down - we're once again planning to have the party in our garden. This time though, the house is more finished and for those of you that were at the wedding, both bathrooms will be working this time too.

So we've started to think about what makes a good party... 

Venue, ticked.

People, ticked - we haven't done the guest list yet, but we know plenty of good people.

A date, well June-ish is like a half-tick, isn't it?

Invitations, well most likely by email but I'm hoping to make some proper ones too.

While we can't control the weather - wouldn't that be handy - we have thought about having some tented outside space. I'm not sure yet if that's a gazebo or something hired, but a half-tick here too for considering options. I've also got one eye on those shops that sell mini-marquees to see if one comes up at a reasonable price, and if it does I'm on it.

It's also the type of occasion that means I have the perfect excuse to spend time on Pinterest and all in the name of research. But let's be honest I don't really need an excuse. If you want to see more of what I'm pinning as inspiration I've included the board at the bottom of this post. I'm pretty sure though there'll be bunting and fairy lights and pretty vases of flowers.

Image from Unsplash

Image from Unsplash

Food and drink - yes we've already thought a lot about these, so I'm giving that a half-tick too. Some of it I'm going to encourage MOH to make - his desserts are just fabulous - some of it I'll do too and we're thinking of getting someone in for the fiddlier bits. The local craft brewery can supply some ale - ok and some fizzy lager too - and maybe we'll have a day trip to France to find some nice wines. Definitely a half-tick perhaps even a three-quarters-tick here.

Music, we've thought about that too. From a slightly unusual perspective, I'll admit. And that's how we can match the volume levels of our neighbours. Well for one day only, the rest of the time we don't stand a chance. I was thinking brass band or steel drums, but MOH was thinking about a large amplifier.  We're undecided on this one, you probably can tell. It's likely to be none of these, but who knows?

The one thing in all of this that we've not thought about in too much detail is what our guests will eat off and drink from. I have a collection of vintage tea sets which I might use some of to serve the food from, and possibly to eat from. I'm not sure though there's quite enough, and while I'm not planning a rip-roaring rave it's unlikely we'll be drinking out of cups and saucers. And that's where disposable party supplies come in.

No washing up, no breakages and even not having to worry about if anything might break. It will certainly make clearing up much easier too. And I'm sure there's everything we could need - plates, cutlery, small beakers for the desserts and glasses for wine and beer. I'm claiming a three-quarters tick for this one too!

Now, what have I missed?

This is a collaborative post, but all opinions are my own.

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