My Graze Freakshake Challenge

When got in touch to see if I'd like to create their latest Freakshake recipe I was intrigued. I didn't know what a freakshake was to be honest. Timeout says they're "a creamy, thick and delectable cakey mash-up of heavenly psychedelic joy. They’re basically a big-arse milkshake with a shed load of cake, crazy toppings and cream piled on top that began life in the Aussie capital, Canberra."

So I was intrigued to see what would arrive.  When I opened the package I quickly realised the Timeout description was probably a bit off for this recipe. I can't imagine what they described would have anything as healthy as chia seeds in, or the mango & coconut protein topper (that's the smaller packet at the front in my picture below).

Graze chia seeds and mango and coconut topper

I wasn't that disappointed though as I've been meaning to get my smoothie game together, but you know how it is I'd convinced myself they were hard work and took a lot of time to do. In actual fact they don't, it probably takes more time to retrieve the blender from the back of the cupboard where it'd been banished over winter!

I also received a recipe for The Graze mango & coconut sky high shake and I should say now, that it sounded good. I didn't have all of the ingredients it used to hand so decided to take the challenge a step further and use the ingredients I had.  I'll share both the Graze recipe and my alternative choices.

So what's in The Graze Freakshake?

There are chia seeds soaked in water, coconut water and desiccated coconut.  An unusual addition of ground turmeric, which I was keen to try as I've read about its qualities as a Sirt food. There was some frozen mango, some cucumber and the juice of a lemon and a lime, plus ice cubes.  On top there is coconut yogurt, the graze mango & coconut protein topper and a passion fruit.  

Sounds good doesn't it?

My substitutions

Instead of coconut water I used a mixture of apple juice and water.  For the frozen mango I substituted a frozen banana and instead of the cucumber I used some strawberries and raspberries from the allotment. I didn't have a passion fruit so omitted that from the topping.

So how did it taste?

Great! It was everything I expected and the chia seeds and desiccated coconut were unusual additions. MOH regularly has chia seed porridge for breakfast - and I do occasionally - he has a pet name for them of frog spawn, and if you've tried them you'll know why.  Obviously they don't taste of frog spawn, or at least I imagine they don't but both of these ingredients gave the shake some body.

My version of the Freakshake was quite clearly a different colour - the red berries influencing it. I like mango - but struggle to peel it, always finding the stone and blunting my knives. I'm sure there's a knack but I don't have it so far! I also didn't realise they could be bought already frozen, so I might be looking out for those.





And while it already added to my colourful week, I decided to experiment with what was left. I added some raspberries into these small lolly moulds and topped with the Freakshake mixture.  They're now in the freezer and I'm looking forward to trying these out.  In fact my blender is no longer at the back of the cupboard as I've proven to myself smoothies or shakes (whatever you call them) don't take that much time, and obviously depending what you put in them, are better for you than a can of fizzy drink, which is often our go to drink on a hot summer's day.

And some ice lollies too

The Graze mango & coconut sky high shake 

(my substitutions where made are shown in brackets)


15g chia seeds soaked in 4tbsp water
300ml coconut water (200ml apple juice and 100ml water)
1 tbsp desiccated coconut
1/4 tsp ground turmeric
1/2 mango, frozen (1 banana, frozen)
1/4 cucumber (3 large strawberries and a handful of raspberries)
Juice of 1 lime
Juice of 1 lemon
4-5 ice cubes

4 tbsp coconut yogurt (4 tbsp plain greek yogurt)
1 punnet graze mango & coconut protein topper
1 passion fruit


Blend all the ingredients in your blender until smooth.  Serve over ice or pour into a glass, add your toppings and enjoy immediately. 


If you try this - or are a regular smoothie drinker - let me know how you get on or your favourite flavours in the comments.



This is a collaborative post but all opinions remain my own.