Post Comment Love 26-29 August 2016

Hello there and welcome to another Friday and a Bank Holiday edition of Post Comment Love. We'll keep the linky open until 11pm on Monday so if you're out and about and enjoying yourselves - and I hope you are - then hopefully you'll still find some time to link up.  And even if you're not out and about, there's time to take it a bit more leisurely in the heat we've had.

It's been lovely, and we are being spoilt. But hasn't it been warm?!  This week I've made a few discoveries, and if I get the time I hope I'll write a post on that, but in the meantime I've linked what I discovered on the other side of the fence in the Flower Garden on my daily walking commute.

Photo credit: Unsplash

Photo credit: Unsplash

Blogger Showcase

Last week Morgan and launched our new feature - Blogger Showcase - and thanks to those of you who've been in touch. If you're interested in taking part then get in touch with Morgan and I and we'll explain more. Once we've got your information we'll schedule your date. So what are you waiting for, drop us an email - we'd love to hear from you!