Post Comment Love & Blogger Showcase 23-25 September 2016

Hello there and welcome to another Friday and another PoCoLo. It's great to see you and you're welcome to link up any post you've written this week that could do with some extra love. I am starting to emerge from my new job haze, which is good news but I'm settling into my new routine and as usual, running to catch up with myself most of the time. This week I've realised that's just how I am, so that's how it'll be.

As predicted last week Autumn is now with us. The Autumn Equinox was yesterday and because I'm contrary this week I'm sharing a particularly summery image! It's another from Unsplash which I've been dipping into quite a bit this week. I need to rediscover my photo mojo again. I'm sure spending some time in Greenwich in my lunch hour will help.

Blogger Showcase: Nicky from Not Just The 3 Of Us

Thank you for including me here on the new Blogger Showcase. 

My name is Nicky Kentisbeer, I live in London. I am wife to ‘Iron Man’ (as he is referred to in the blog) and we have a 10 year old daughter (who is affectionately referred to as ‘The Kid’).  I blog at Not Just The 3 Of Us and have been doing so for just over a year.  Having left my job as a Business Manager earlier this year, I found I was spending more and more time on the blog and I absolutely love it.  I have recently fulfilled my dream of getting a self-hosted site and I am now allowing myself the gift of working full-time on the blog to see where it leads, now the school holidays are over!

I am a Lifestyle Blogger but I like to have a little natter about most things.  I also have a background in supporting small business start-ups and hope to put this to use in being able to offer a copywriting service to small businesses. I am really excited about the next few months.

Some of my favourite posts are:

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