What I've read lately

You'll have read in my last post that I've got my head around lots of things this past week and I'm getting myself back on track blogwise, which is good news. But one of the things I've realised is that while my head has been busy, reading has been a good outlet and in the past month or so I've read three books.

That's a lot for me lately. And each of them have had me hooked, although the second one on the list below really takes the prize for hook-ability. As well as being able to hook me, the endings are important too. I dislike it when a book ends and there's loose ends, and I'm left wondering what happened to so-and-so, and feel let down by the author.

None of these are like that, thankfully. The first had a clear ending with everything sorted out; the second, once the suspect was unveiled there was a "what they're doing now" kind of closure. And for the third one below, the author is working on the next book. So all different endings, but all entirely satisfactory too!

1. Truly Madly Guilty, Liane Moriarty

I was keen to read this book as I loved her earlier book, The Husband's Secret a book I couldn't put down.  I started this book early August and completed it just six days later, so it's safe to say this one too had me gripped. 

The story weaves its way around three couples and an event which happens at an impromptu barbeque. What had me gripped was discovering what that event was. It was clearly momentous - and don't worry, no spoilers here - when I found out what it was, then I wanted to read on to see how they all coped.

There's obviously more to the plot than just this and each of the characters have traits we will all recognise. The ending is particularly poignant and really underlines that you never really know what's going on behind the scenes with people. Ever.  Definitely another must-read from Liane.


2. The Loving Husband, Christobel Kent

This book was published at the start of September and it was one I didn't want this book to end! It had me hooked early on and was one of those books where I'd shoehorn 10 minutes or so into my day where ever I could to carry on reading.

It's not my usual genre of book and as it starts you're immediately involved in a situation with the lead character. For me I wasn't sure where that would lead, but my advice is stick with it if you're unsure because the first few pages are critical to the storyline, and it really is a page-turner.  There are, as you'd expect twists along the way but despite her vulnerabilities the main character is strong, and while I didn't work out the ending (which I was pleased about) I wasn't disappointed. 

If you read any of the books in this post, choose this one.


3. As Weekends Go, Jan Brigden

This was another book I couldn't put down and more in my usual genre of reading. The story is based around the central character, her life and how a weekend can change everything. Or more specifically how events can make you reevaluate your life, in the same way people around you can already see.

It does work out as I hoped it would and even better is that the author says she's working on a sequel and I for one will be looking out to see how the next chapter in these lives pan out.


What have you read lately that you'd recommend?