Teak thrones and a giant pine cone

One of the attractions at Woodfest last October was the Sculpture trail, where I saw a mix of teak root thrones and sculptures. The size of the teak roots were amazing, and roots aren't something you think about, but clearly big trees need big roots.

Teak root thrones would make a great seating nook in your garden

These roots come from felled trees in Indonesia. They're dug out of the ground and then dried, sanded and finished so they're ready to be turned on their end and shaped into unique garden thrones. I was in two minds about them, but they clearly make a big statement in any garden.

Whatever you think of them, the wood is beautiful. Teak is a hardwood and its natural oils make them resilient to the weather, although like any other garden furniture they're best treated to keep them in top condition.

This teak root throne looks equally good from behind
Teak root thrones come in all shapes and sizes (and price ranges too!)

There were many variants of the teak root thrones, the one above which seemed more benchlike was the one that persuaded me of their beauty. In the right spot - and probably a wider garden than we have, I think it'd look stunning.  Just as I was looking at the detail more closely something in the distance caught my eye. I thought it was a giant pine cone, and when I did a double take I saw my eyes weren't deceiving me. 

In the distance I caught my glimpse of the giant pine cone at RHS Wisley during Woodfest

As I moved on I was taken by the beauty of the wood, and wood that as tree roots we don't usually see.

Taking a closer look at one of the teak root thrones during Woodfest at RHS Wisley
The tree roots provide natural shape and interest

There were more sculptures along the way too. This horse was stunning - and I'm not what I'd call a horse person - but standing so close I almost felt as if I could be riding it. 

A horse sculpture in wood

But I'd reached the giant pine cone - or rather, a stack of three giant pine cones. It's quite something isn't it?

A closer look at the three stacked giant pine cones at RHS Wisley

If tree roots or sculptures aren't your thing, then perhaps this glass topped teak dining set might appeal. Peering into the table top gave a great photo opportunity, with the reflection.

It wasn't all teak root thrones, there was also a glass topped table and stools ideal for al fresco dining
And peering into the glass topped table gave a great photo opportunity - look at that reflection

And one more shot before I go. Alongside the giant toadstool was this magical wire fairy. It captured imaginations big and small and I didn't have long to get this shot, so I'm rather pleased with how it turned out.

A fairy and a toadstool captured in black and white to show just how magical it was

At almost seven foot tall this cemented the idea that you can't do garden sculptures on the small side, but when they're this beautiful I'm not sure why you'd want to!