In my garden, getting ready for Winter

As I said yesterday at the weekend we started to pack up the garden, and I took the opportunity to do some pruning and tidying too. I'd been meaning to cut out the agapanthus stems for a while, but I do like the look of them, and hadn't gotten around to it until now. Even then I was struck by how architectural they are, and instead of putting them in our green bin found some room in our garden compost for them along with the dried sweet pea heads.

I'm late taking the agapanthus stems out but they look so pretty

It was only as I was cutting the agapanthus stems that I realised it had set seed. While that's good if you want to grow more plants, I don't expect it's so good for getting energy back into bulbs - hopefully we'll still get some flowers next year.  As they'd set seed I thought I might as well save them, or else there was little point right?

And I've got quite a few.  Looking online it says they're easy to grow from seed and if I'm lucky I could have a flowering plant in a couple of years. We'll see, but wouldn't it be good to have some of these at the allotment which I could use as cut flowers?

Agapanthus seeds

A week or so ago, our neighbour cut down the ivy which was growing across our conservatory roof, so in a reciprocal kind of neighbourly action I got out the step ladder and trimmed the chilean potato plant and jasmine back to the level of the very tall fence.  Four trugs later, and I was done, I wasn't expecting so much!

While MOH collected leaves in five black sacks - and there's more to come down - I busied myself collecting in the garden lights and remembering where I'd hung the garden ornaments. Anything to not collect leaves... 

Packing away the lights in the garden

Well, he does it so well...

piles of leaves - and many more to come

It's amazing how much tidier the garden looks with the leaves collected and the grass cut - and you can see we've quite a few more leaves to come, so I'll be looking for other jobs to keep me busy when they're down.... Shhhh!

Stacking the garden furniture before covering with a tarpaulin

It really does feel like winter's on its way, the barbecue gas is away, the garden furniture is pretty much all covered up and the temperature's plummeting, the lowest so far in the greenhouse is 0.6 - brrrr!  

And now MOH tells me it's getting chillier this week, perhaps we should have moved the hibiscus after all...