Tweet tweet little birds

I've noticed it more and more lately, and it's been a joy. Yes, I'm talking about birdsong. It could be, just could be that Spring is starting to take hold of the more wintery days and the birds feel it too. I've been out in my garden this weekend checking on the bird feeders and topping up the fat ball supply. We've one on the trellis close to the house and it's great to see the small birds almost queue up to take their turn at it. 

The other thing I've spotted is there seems to be more birds around on homewares too. Maybe all the birdsong has been getting to me, who knows?

I've been looking at Love the Sales and there's a plethora, or perhaps that should be a flock, of bird items available in the Home & Garden section. So if you're rather partial to a parrot, hankering for a heron or have a requirement for a redshank - ok, I'll stop - it's definitely worth a look. 

I'm quite taken with these bird planters from India Jane, I think they're just the type of planter that would sit quite happily in our conservatory, and be quite versatile little pots, they're just 16cm high. At times, I might even put some herbs in them, or some pine cones, or one of those column candles. Actually instead of a candle they'd be great with some of those battery fairy lights in, and would be great to bring an unusual light source to outside dining, but perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself as I think it may be a while before we're dining al fresco, don't you?

And the blue and yellow bird, how cute is that? It's a quail - also from India Jane - and is a box, the top of its body lifts off and reveals a hidden storage space. Just the sort of space where I'd put something for safekeeping and promptly forget about, then find months later (if I'm lucky, if not years) and wonder how on earth I could be so daft as not to look in the perfect hiding place.  

You have those kinds of spaces too, right?

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* Via Love the Sales