Fun storage jars by Alessi from Red Candy

On Sunday my post Spring and new routines touched on some of the changes I'm making right now, and how my Spring cleaning is more of a Spring rearranging.  And there's more evidence of that today with some fun and funky storage from Red Candy.  If you've not come across them do take a look, I mean you just have to love a company who has "Shut up Beige" as their strapline, don't you?  

My shiny new storage jars arrived promptly and I found myself rearranging kitchen cupboards and storage to find the perfect home for them. The glass jars are by Alessi, and the little man that's holding on tight in there is called Gianni. In fact they're all called Gianni, I didn't name him. Honest. 

Alessi Gianni storage jars from Red Candy, putting the fun into funky

Here he is, holding on tight, while I take a closer look: 



Every time I expected to hear a squeal from him... but in fact, it was more likely me that was squealing and chuckling in amusement.

The jars I have are, from left to right, the 90cl, 200cl and 140cl and I've used them to store chia seeds, muesli and raisins. And now think I have the smartest, healthy goods storage around. I opted for white, rather than the bolder blue or yellow colours, and although it also comes in black, I knew I wanted to use these in my cupboard and so I wanted something light and something that I can use for many years to come. If you're wondering what sizes they really are, the largest jar would easily store spaghetti or linguine, if that helps.

filled storage jars from Red Candy, trying not to submerge Gianni in my dry goods

And even though I have the white - it's still not beige - and I've the added bonus of smiling every time we lift the lid off the healthy stuff. What better incentive is there?

Gianni - the man holding on tight - going into the chia seeds

And no, I didn't realise we had quite so many chia seeds either. I did wonder if they'd stick to him and he'd deposit seeds across my worktop without me noticing. But no, he doesn't, even though he's just about standing on the top of the seeds, I've rolled them around the jar to see what happens, and if static comes into play. But he's passed the test and can stay in my chia seeds. And I'll be adding chia seed porridge to the growing list of new routines, to help bring down my chia seed mountain...

Standing on chia seeds, Gianni in the airtight jar from Red Candy

And you may think they're wasted inside a cupboard, but I think if you're going to do storage well then it shouldn't all be for show. I do like a tidy cupboard, I've a number of storage baskets in each cupboard too and everytime MOH puts jars away with the label not facing the front, I shudder just a little bit. 

Stylish - and fun - storage from Red Candy

So here they are in situ. Three Giannis in three storage jars, and three times the amount of smiles. What do you think?

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