A year in Greenwich Park: Birds in trees

It wasn't until I looked back over my photos from the month that I realised the theme was clearly birds in trees. And while I suspect they've always been there, or mostly, during April I became more aware of them, and even managed to capture a pair of parakeets sitting carefree - but not quietly - on a branch, mid conversation. 

parakeets in a tree in greenwich park london

It's the first time I've managed to capture them so clearly, so I was quite pleased that they posed so well for the photo. I did creep up on them a bit but it was worth it. I'll come back to more birds later in the post, but first, look the scaffolding has come down from the Royal Observatory. It's looking resplendent against the blue sky too, isn't it?

the scaffolding came down on the royal observatory this april

As well as birds, this month has been about blossom. I've almost watched it unfurl in front of my eyes. There's been cherry blossom, magnolias and many more too, with the blossom girl dancing in the flower garden too. I missed this, which is probably just as well as I *may* not have been able to keep a straight face.

April in greenwich park was full of blossom - and often blossomtastic

Early in the month I enjoyed the sunny mornings, I think we all did. And no doubt most of us are wishing they're back, as the month finished decidedly colder didn't it?  

there were sunny walks to work on my walking commute through greenwich park

I'm very much up for the warmer temperatures again please. The tree that caught my eye early on in the series is now once again back in full leaf and looking just as fine as it did last year.

My tree is now in full leaf and looking resplendent in greenwich park this april

Ah yes, back to the birds.  One morning I was walking down the path above and spotted a rather large bird perched on the top of tree trunk. I did a double take and then did a double back to take the picture. I've no idea what kind of bird this is but he looks most indignant about having his photo taken doesn't he? But he seems pretty comfy at the same time...

another bird perched on the top of this tree trunk, greenwich park

But he seems pretty comfy at the same time...

And you'll not believe it but the next photo is also bird related. 

This chocolate biscuit fell from the tree and narrowly missed me, looking up, it wasn't a dream come true just a raven losing his bounty in Greenwich Park

And yes it is a chocolate biscuit.

I walked a new route through the park so I could check the opening times of the Queen's Orchard (and no, I've still not made it there yet) when all of a sudden this chocolate biscuit dropped out of the tree narrowly missing my bonce. My reaction was, as you'd expect, one of disbelief mixed with the feeling that perhaps dreams do come true.

However on closer inspection upwards there was a rather large - and it has to be said, clumsy - raven looking down at me, no doubt wondering what my next move would be, and so I left him to his biscuit, just in case he threw his cuppa at me next. 

under the canopy of trees in greenwich park london

So, birds in trees has definitely been the theme this month, not what I expected, but really you couldn't make it up, could you?