Reacquainting myself with my greenhouse

What with the preparations for our 110th party I haven't had much time to get into my greenhouse, and of course it suffered - and I think I did too a little, so when I found myself with some time to myself last Saturday morning I knew how I'd spend it. Yes, reacquainting myself with my greenhouse.

First up was taming the lemon balm. Usually I chop it just as it starts to flower, not quite the Chelsea chop, but more of a when I remember to chop. And it needed to be first up as it's growing just inside the door.  A fragrant job though.

The lemon balm was for the chop

Once I'd chopped my way in (it wasn't that bad really) I finally got around to labelling the wallflower and sunflower seeds I'd saved. I've sown many of the sunflower seeds and they're doing really well, and I've still got plenty left for next year. It was timely to have found the wallflower seeds, as according to Monty I should be sowing those already, but I haven't just yet. Soon maybe.

I found some wallflower seeds
And finally labelled my sunflower heads

Looking around the greenhouse my tomato seedlings were still miniature, which was disappointing. This year was the first time for a while that I've sown them in modules like this, usually I chuck way too many seeds into a seed tray, and most likely would have potted them on by now. So that became my job to pot on my tomatoes. And of course, as is tradition I seemed to mix up the plant labels so once again I'm sure there'll be a surprise when (and if) they grow!

the tomato seedlings appear to be protesting

The sorrel had gone to seed. Again. I'm quite partial to a sorrel omelette, but I guess I'll be waiting for it to regrow a bit first.  It's pretty though.  The sorrel and lemon balm were sown the same year, and both have thrived in the greenhouse for a good few years, despite my neglect.

the sorrel has gone to seed - again

I've still some onions that need to go over the allotment. I know they should be out by now, and hopefully they will be soon. Everytime I water these two toads hop out looking most disgruntled.

And I still have onions that should be on the allotment

And of course now the party is over, the tiny bedding plants have had a growth spurt. I think these are scabiosa, which have tight pom-pom like flowers. Hopefully they'll be a decent size by the end of the summer...

the tiny bedding has put on a spurt - of course it would, the party has gone now

In more free-plant news I've some more succulents on the way. These leaves came off as I planted out a leaning succulent, and you can see teh roots are just starting to grow.

There's more free succulents on the way though

My squash is doing much better and is looking a more usual size. I've some butternut squashes, crown prince pumpkins and little munchkin squashes again. 

My squash - butternut, crown prince and munchkin - are thriving

They clearly loved the heat, the greenhouse topped 43 degrees, unlike the climbing beans which failed to germinate.  I've only one courgette, and again I've no idea what type!

It's got pretty warm in the greenhouse too

The tomatoes from dad are doing much better. He tells me they're giant ones, and in comparison to mine they really are. They'll be heading over to the allotment this weekend hopefully.

The giant tomatoes are living up to their name

Given my lack of success so far with courgettes and climbing beans when we were at Hyde Hall on Sunday I bought some newer seeds, just in case that was the problem and quickly set about sowing them to give them the best chance.

courgettes and climbing beans have been sown

And while we were there, somehow, i left with this purple chilli too.  Funny how that happens, hey?

And I bought a chilli which is about a gazillion times bigger than any chilli I've grown from seed, ever

My last task for this weekend's pottering was to collect seeds from the fading yellow marigolds. They went into two brown paper bags, one for me and another for dad. All I need to do now is remember to deliver them.

Marigold seeds, some for me and some for dad

Usually by now I will have posted a Sow and Grow post,  but this month I haven't - mainly because I've sown and grown very little - and I'm not even sure I'm up-to-date with my magazine reading. So I've decided rather than beat myself up about not doing this, I'll skip this month, but will return with a July post, and if I get my act together I may have something new alongside that too.  You'll have to wait and see what that is, but I realised it's the sensible way forward.

So the pottering is back on, and so will the quilt making. I'm looking forward to get back into both of them.  How's your growing going? Hopefully better than mine!