A cycle through a typically French village

Today we're heading back over to the Loire and I'm sharing a post from our cycling trip from last summer, which seems ages ago.  And, well actually it is, as we were there in June 2016. Hmmn... where did that time go?

Anyway, back to that French village.  We cycled  through it twice, on the way and then later on the way  back from Villandry, which was definitely a highlight of our trip. And one that lived up to, and surpassed my expectations. 

Yes, the village again. We left Tours and headed towards Savonnaires and then onto the chateau. Of course the downside of leaving it so long to share these photos is that if I knew the name of the village, then it's long since gone from my memory. I could look it up and would no doubt find it in the end, but why would I when these photos evoke such powrful and vivid memories, so much so that I can almost smell it and hear its sounds.

It was a picturesque village that oozed charm:

Cycling through a typically French country village in the Loire

Yes, quite mundane and operational items looked great to this tourist on a bike.  

Barns and a corrugated roof add to the charm of this Loire French village

Those roofs! Imagine trying to recreate any of those finishes and patinas, and how it would cost  and yet here it's the most natural thing in the world.

The same with the logs and tyres. Somehow even they look more attractive than at home - and that can't just be holiday rose-tinted specs, surely?

A pile of logs and tyres looking much better than they really should
A glimpse into a French farmyard while cycling through the Loire

So breathe in the scenery, and know that you don't need to know a place's name to enjoy it. Or I don't at least! 

Leaving the picturesque and sleepy French Loire village

For me, I'm there. On my bike, scrabbling around to find my phone to take a picture. No doubt MOH has been instructed to get out of the picture and is either checking the map, or rolling his eyes, or both.

But it was worth it wasn't it?