Stylish brights & patterned tableware at the new Homesense store in Greenwich



Exciting news, this week HomeSense finally moved into my area.

Dangerous news too for my purse, and MOH is already rolling his eyes at this news. No doubt he's resigned to the fact that it's now even more likely (and let's face it it was pretty likely before) that even more interior loveliness will find its way into our home.

While I was in the new store it would have been rude not to take a few pictures of their ranges, wouldn't it?  

It seems that right now I'm attracted to cushions, as I found myself drawn to them almost at every turn.  And if it's cushions you want then HomeSense have a great range, and one of the sales assistants today told me they also have a delivery every day...

I told you it was dangerous.

Yesterday it started with the owls. I was seriously tempted, before being sidetracked by the geometrics. I'm not sure why as I know the owls would be a better fit for our home, but well indecision struck.  

And these were in the window, it wasn't going to end well was it, or was it?

A pile of geometric cushions caught my eye in the new HomeSense store at Greenwich

I turned away only to be met by these buddhas, calm was restored and these statues were considered too. But then again taking this larger gold one back to work on the bus might cause a few looks, maybe that's for another day.

Calming buddhas among the cushion frenzy in the new HomeSense store at Greenwich

I wandered and found myself in the lighting department at the back of the store and in front of this pink flamingo light.  Then I remembered that the lamp in my bedroom, which lights the mirror where I do my make-up had less than quietly gone pop recently, so I could leave with an ultra-practical purchase. I looked at the flamingo light again and I knew that even I would be struggling to badge this as an ultra-practical purchase.

parrots and flamingo lights - just what you need - in the new HomeSense store at Greenwich

Although I think everyone should consider a pink flamingo home accessory at least once in their life.

Resisting the practical choices for now I moved on throughout the store and promptly fell in love with this sofa, its pattern is very similar to one I saw in Totnes many years ago, which started a new sofa search. Up until now I hadn't realised HomeSense sold larger items of furniture - I think on previous visits to the Tunbridge Wells store I'd been so focussed on my mission of faux flowers and garden lights that I'd missed this all together. 

Some of the larger furniture items in the new HomeSense store at Greenwich
Another grey and yellow sofa and cushion combo at the new HomeSense store in Greenwich

I did spot many grey and yellow colour combinations though, which is a combination I love - and if you hadn't noticed, I've also snuck plenty more cushions into this post with the photos above.  The photo below is much less subtle, but definitely no worse for it either.

Brights and bolds - more cushions, what else - at the new HomeSense store in Greenwich

The other thing that struck me as I walked around the new store on opening day was how easy it'd be to get organised with HomeSense, there were office organisers, wicker baskets for use just about anywhere and an aisle end display that was not only eye catching but clearly practical too.



Also upstairs I discovered the most gorgeous tableware. I knew that if I hung around for too long it would be dangerous and (on this visit) I daren't even pick the pieces up and look at the prices as I'd be in that place where resistance is futile...

patterned tableware at the new HomeSense store in Greenwich
A tower of egg cups at the new HomeSense store in Greenwich

The willpower was strong on this visit - and I stuck to my gameplan, remember the bedroom lamp one?  Yes, the practical side was in evidence today, as I headed back downstairs to the stylish matt grey and brass lamp that had caught my eye earlier. It's not quite the pink flamingo light, but it's every bit as stylish in its understated way, and will be a massive boon for avoiding the mascara wand in my eye!

A stylish grey lamp at the new HomeSense store in Greenwich

So thank you HomeSense, it's good to have you close by and it's safe to say I'll be back!

Stationery at the new HomeSense store in Greenwich

* This is a collaborative post but all views are my own