Post Comment Love 1 - 3 September 2017

Well, hello September!  And welcome back to another Friday and #PoCoLo. If you were here last week, it was great to see you; if you're new here this week then you're very welcome. I'm sure that once again you'll find some great posts to read and some lovely bloggers too.

It's been a funny week, as only short weeks can be. In the office it's been quiet and that's usually a good opportunity to plough on through some work, and I have, but not as much as I'd hoped as all of a sudden it was Thursday and the list was, as ever, still long. That'll be the optimist in me again!

We had a great long weekend and made the most of the weather. Relishing kicking back for a bit I think I've almost booked a holiday. Unusually for us it'll be our first time abroad this year. We're going back to Portugal, but not to the Alentejo for a change. This time we'll be flying to Porto and then taking the train to the Douro Valley where MOH is hoping for some cycling. It's pretty much there, and it's not for another month - yes I'm a bit of a last minute girl - but I'm already looking forward to it.

My photo this week is from my walk to work, but not of Greenwich Park. As it was wet, with more rain expected, I steered clear of the wet grass and took a completely different route. Well they say a change is as good as a rest, don't they?

I spotted the fanciest brick wall, and couldn't resist a photo.



Blogger Showcase: Rog from Rog Willis

Rog has a great tagline on his blog - Getting Fit. Rock n'Roll Forever. Life. - and he describes himself as funny, determined and compassionate. I'm also glad to see he's chosen cake to go with coffee, even if it is just a small portion. But when you learn that his favourite topic to write about is weight training, that makes sense.  He's a dad and grandad, and clearly a devoted husband.

To find out more about Rog and his blog, pop over to Morgan's to read all of the answers to our questions - but before you go make some time to connect with Rog on social media: Twitter  -  Instagram