The bedroom and bathroom room sets at this year's Ideal Home Show

Unbelievably I visited the Ideal Home Show almost five months ago - I'm not sure where the time has gone. Equally as unbelievable is I've shared very little from there, and from the Grand Designs show a month later, here until now.  Over the next few weeks I'll share the room sets, the houses and the garden sets from both shows, because, well because it's a great way to see the interior trends, and there's nothing better than having a look at how someone else decorates is there?

This week I'm starting with the bedroom and bathroom room sets and the rest of the rooms will follow.  I talk a lot about texture here on the blog so you can imagine my delight when I saw this bedroom stuffed full of textures, and with a yellow back wall to boot. The faux wall was an interesting idea that could work well in the right sized room.  It provides a great focal feature which you can frame, as they've done here, with a bold colour.  I'll not tell you what's behind there until later.

The bedroom room set at the Ideal Home Show
Textures galore in the bathroom room set at the Ideal Home show

Yes, this bedroom was all about snuggly texture. The throw on the bed is just insane isn't it?

I also liked the simplicity of the seedhead wallpaper and how the muted colours and patterns all worked together, but I think that string of pom poms on the headboard would be a real dust collector.  The bedside tables are also a design hit with me, the A frame works well doesn't it?

A side table by the bed at the Ideal Home Show

Every bedroom needs a mirror and somewhere to put stuff and this bedroom managed that stylishly too. Although not copper, the mirror perfectly complements the copper hairbrush and eyelash curlers. I never knew copper had become some entrenched, and it looks like it'll be around a while longer doesn't it, but... copper eyelash curlers?  I don't possess any (curlers not eyelashes) but I've a feeling I might need these...

A mirror above a chest of drawers at the Ideal Home Show

And behind the wall?

The cutest office space. With room for a desk and chair, and a brightly coloured rug it looks a completely different space doesn't it? And a very clever way of keeping a workspace out of sight. Although this one is pretty enough to actually be on display...

A false wall conceals an office space at the Ideal Home Show

The rug fits well with the seed head wallpaper too and I think brings the space together.  I'd happily find room for this in my house too. Along with that tower of white drawers, although I'd resist adding labels and then never remember which drawer I put anything in.

A closer look at that patterned rug at the Ideal Home Show

Even now looking back over these pictures I love that bedroom. MOH didn't like the big chunky throw, but he wouldn't need to have any of it would he?  So moving on...

To the bathroom

A completely different look here, and a dramatic one too. I've seen lots of black and white in bathrooms, and there's a good reason for that, and that's because it works. This one has touches of grey, wood and metallics as well as plants. Of course it's completely unrealistic size-wise but there's some great ideas here too.

Classic black and white in the bathroom room set at the Ideal Home show

I like the inbuilt tiled shelf for pots and jars - but only stylish ones obviously, and the black ladder towel rail against the black wall. You'd think it wouldn't stand out, but it does.

double black sinks in the bathroom room set at the Ideal Home show

With the bath in the centre of the room there's another faux panel to frame it and add decorative touches. We'd never be able to have such prettiness in our bathroom as I'm sure it wouldn't last too long before being knocked to the floor. I'm not usually a fan of standalone baths, but I like this one with its own wall close by.

the shower cubicle in the corner of the bathroom room set at the Ideal Home show

So there's the first two room sets, both inspiring, but both very different. What did you think? Would you - or do you - go for either of these styles?

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