Chock full of interior delights

Today I'm sharing another Norfolk gem, and one that's just down the road from my parents so it's always nice to find time to pop in and have a look around if I can. And last weekend, I could.  This interiors haven is Unique and is based at Norfolk Lavender in Heacham, one day I'll need to do a post about the lavender - but I'll need to time that right.

It's the type of place that is stuffed full of interiors goodness, from material books, pictures, lights, sofas, furniture and as you'll see even a bath. It's impossible to see everything, but somehow it just works - although on this visit I was sure it looked smaller, but mum was probably right when she said there was even more in the shop than normal. 

There's a single file trail which leads you around the shop, luckily we had the place to ourselves although a lady did time her welcome so as not to startle us.  It's that kind of place.

I was drawn to the chartreuse of this, what I thought was a picture, but as I got closer realised it was a harlequin sample book. I liked it nonetheless, and so it's in this post, and even now I think it would make a great picture.  I didn't look any closer as I knew that pausing, exploring and touching would make an emotional connection I couldn't commit to carry through.

Attracted by the chartreuse and humming birds
layers of accessories

And no sooner had I escaped the clutches of the Harlequin hummingbirds I was faced, head on, with a slipper bath.  It was gorgeous but not (well not for me anyway) an impulse purchase.

there was even a bath in the showroom

Leaving the bath behind my next magpie stop was this brightly striped and what I can only describe as funky bow-shaped chest. Isn't it gorgeous?  The top looked like lacquered teak and I couldn't help but have a stroke of this. I knew that while I loved this, I'd struggle to sell it to MOH, especially as when I got close up I could see the cream border to the top had a bit of shabby chic about it. We often joke that MOH thinks this style needs a good rub down and a proper paint...

A stripey upcycled chest caught my eye

It's not for this house (not that I have another house, or even one on the horizon) but it's definitely thought provoking and no less gorgeous for it.  As we carried on around the shop, single file as the displays permitted, I realised that pictures weren't just on the walls or leant on dressers, they were also on the floor.  This stag was taking refuge behind a modern white table, and he almost got away unnoticed.

pictures weren't just on the walls

As you can see, it's a sight for interior eyes - where to look first, and then where next. Now you understand why you can't possibly see everything on a single visit.

lights of all sizes and styles

It is a place where your senses are overwhelmed (in a good way) but even amongst this there are moments of calm and serenity.  This visit, like so many before it didn't dissapoint - I mean, with this much interiors goodness, how could it?

Intermingled were more calming spots too

You have to look up, look down, and look everywhere to see what's on offer - and just as we were leaving, looking down this pom-pom cushion caught my eye. I'd already walked past it on the way in, but had only spotted it on second viewing, so my tip for exploring places like this is to go regularly, and do at least two circuits of the shop.

Fun elements too - now I want a cushion with pom poms

They might think you mad, but I can guarantee you'll see more each walk round you do. 

...However to save my purse I was quickly ushered out of the door after the first round of viewings, this time - but who knows what may happen on another visit?!

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