Post Comment Love 31 May - 2 June

Hello there and welcome to this week’s #PoCoLo a friendly linky where you can link any post published in the last week. Both Morgan and I know you’ll find some great posts to read, maybe some new-to-you blogs too, so do pop over and visit some of the posts linked and share some of that love.

This week has been a week of push, push, push for me. Pushing to get things done, and pushing to fit much more into the time I have available. Three day weekends are great, but when they’re followed by a three day working with with at least five days of work squeezed in, pushing is needed.

But I think I’ve got there. Or as close as I’m going to get anyway. My out of office is one and I’m looking forward to some time away. Although checking the weather it seems that it’s quite warm in Portugal. MOH isn’t so good in the heat, but let’s hope that’s not something we need to deal with!

The photo for this week’s post is a delicate rose among plenty of greenery, it’s not my garden but it could quite easily be. In fact, I think I can almost smell its fragrance if I concentrate hard enough.

A delicate rose amongst greenery

Blogger Showcase: Benjamin from Grow With Less

You can read the full answers for this week’s Blogger Showcase over at Morgan’s this week, but before you go, let me share a snippet.

Benjamin is a 26-year-old Frenchman living in London, whose first blog was created to motivate himself to learn German by sharing his journey with others. His other blog, French Together, helps English speakers learn French was far more successful and ended up becoming his full time job. I was curious about some of our questions, especially the tea or coffee one, but I need not be worried as Benjamin says tea is his everyday drink, which keeps him focused and makes everything better. Phew.

Our list for future Blogger Showcases is bare again, so if you’d like to feature here then please answer our questions and get in touch with us. You can find out more on my PoCoLo page.

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