Post Comment Love 9-11 June 2017

Hello there and welcome to another #PoCoLo and another Friday again, so soon. If you were here last week it was great to see you, if you're new here this week, welcome, I'm sure we'll have some pretty fabulous posts linked up for you to read again this week.

For me this week has been all about our to do list - and notice it's a shared one - we're about a week away from our 110th party (that's two big birthdays and our tenth wedding anniversary which we celebrated yesterday) and we still have a fair bit to do. That's meant we've adopted shock tactics, which for anyone that knows me will be a shock too, we've been getting up about an hour earlier in the hope of getting through our to do lists.  It seems to be working but the payoff is that my usual blogging time is suffering as that hour or so really catches up with me.

My photo this week is one from our wedding day in 2007, and despite what it might look like I'm pretty sure I didn't clock my new husband with my bouquet...

Despite what it looks like I didn't clock my new husband with my bouquet.jpg

Blogger Showcase: Kaiden from The Habitual Blogger

This week you can read all about our Blogger Showcase, Kaiden over on Morgan's blog - but before you go let me share a little about him here. He loves to write about his gorgeous boy, who is also refers to as his tiny tornado and I'm with him about ticking things off a to do list. it's the *best* feeling, and I need to do more of that before next Saturday! And it sounds as if he could do with a big night out, now go on, pop over to Morgan's blog and find out more.

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