5 luxury armchair designs with the wow factor

You'll know that earlier in the year we set out on the quest for new sofas, prompted by being faced with sitting in our uncomfortable 'spare' sofa while the conservatory work took place.  The new sofas arrived as planned, they came through the door (which is always a worry) and look great.  They also brought with them plenty of cardboard, which at the time I planned to put to good use over at the allotment, trying out the 'no dig' approach to gardening, however that didn't quite work out and the cardboard I can't use in the garden will now be destined for our recycling bin.  But that's another story, and I'll be sharing more here soon, I'm sure.

Our search was focussed on sofas, but even so at times we were distracted by some gorgeous armchairs, because, well because, when shopping I'm like a magpie drawn to the pretty things.  There's something luxurious and special about a good armchair, I think, and if you’re looking to make a change this year in your interiors, but are happy with the overall look of your decor so can’t bring yourself to redecorate, then a luxury armchair is a good way to brighten up your space and give it a new lease of life. Whether you opt for an out-there statement piece, or a pair for double the impact, here are five top luxury armchair choices that all have the wow factor and will bring a sense of drama and vibrancy to your living room. 

The classic chesterfield is a timeless design that never goes out of style. Upholstered in a bright velvet it can look exceptionally modern, while a cracked leather will make the chair look more traditional. This bold velvet version by Arlo & Jacob is striking and will certainly make an impact in its setting – either paired with a similar colour palette, as shown here – or as a standout piece against a more neutral backdrop.

A bold velvet chesterfield by Arlo & Jacob

Or perhaps a luxury metal-framed chair is the ultimate in glamorous interior furniture. This stunning version from Liang and Eimil combines a striking geometric gold frame, with a pulled velvet cover, showing off two luxurious materials in one stunning chair. A pair of these chairs next to one another in a bay window or either side of a fireplace will score you some serious interior envy. Highlight the frame colour in your other accessories, like lamps and picture frames, and the effect will look chic and put-together. 

A luxury metal-framed chair

If you're looking for something more traditional, a Rococo style French-inspired armchair will have your regal rear feeling like it’s sat upon a throne in no time. Placed in a room with a strong patterned wallpaper and drapes, this overtly ornamental piece will take centre stage and provide the perfect perch for your derriere. This rococo-style armchair is the perfect example. 

Rococo style French-inspired armchair

Or perhaps you're thinking something bigger is better, and this high backed chair from Tom Dixon is no exception and likely to give you a hug every time you use it. An updated version of a classic, the curved edges and dramatic height take this traditional-inspired piece from drab to fab. What’s more, this electric blue (also available in striking black) has the ultimate wow factor for a spectacular interiors update. 

An updated version of a classic, the curved edges and dramatic height

Finally, if you’re looking for something with less height but equal levels of wow-factor, then this scallop-shaped armchair could be the one. The dramatic shape is provided by the petal-like fluting to the back of the chair, giving a nod to art-deco styling. This beautiful chair from Audenza will bring a touch of glamour to your interiors and deserves to be placed next to a fully stocked liquor cabinet, but would work equally well in your bedroom. 

This chair gives a nod to art-deco styling

So, five armchairs, all different styles, all with their own wow factor. Which would you choose?

* This is a collaborative post.