Reflecting on my week #93

Last week felt like a really short week, and so it’s strange that I managed to get quite so wet - but as we know that only takes a few moments of one day. Yes Friday, I’m looking at you!

The rain was forecast, but that didn’t make it any more welcome. On Friday, we thought we’d timed our departure well, but the weather had other ideas. At one point, already wet - but thankfully with an umbrella, I sheltered under a tree. I thought it had eased again, but no, it came again, so I squelched my way into work.



It was only when I arrived that I spotted that I’d unintentionally coordinated my outfit with my brolly. At my desk i discovered that the odd lump in my left shoe, was actually a lump of mud. Nice. But you don’t know how grateful I was for having dry shoes in my desk.


The weather the day before though was completely different, with high temperature records being broken - it got to over 37 degrees in my greenhouse, and that’s with the doors and windows open. There’s still no sign of any basil or spring onions, so looks like I’ll be sowing some more of both of those. The salad though has grown so much, and I don’t think it’ll be long before we eating it.

While it was very hot, and it’s usually warm in the office too, weirdly it didn’t get that much hotter, so it was just as hot as a hot thing could get. Clearly. Walking around though was a different matter, even just a short difference was hard work. So I’ve been pleased for some more temperate temperatures, less keen on the rain though. Especially at weekends.

I had plans to get out into the garden again on Saturday, but that didn’t happen thanks to the rain. MOH was on a cleaning frenzy, and it’s best to leave him to it, so I claimed the kitchen and made some banana bread and the first sourdough in a very long time.



I’m clearly out of practice with my sourdough though as I forgot to put it into the fridge for a slow prove, and so I managed to overprove it - but as I’d made it and we were out of bread, I cooked it and it was quite edible despite its looks! I’d forgotten how tasty it is, even tastier than the sourdough they sell which looks nothing like mine, even mine on a good day!

sourdough proving

Sunday was a day for miles. 100+ for MOH on his bike, and a good number for me as his drop-off service to Essex. Usually I’d stay and wander around Hyde Hall but this year I’d been invited out for lunch, so I headed over to my old Sports Club to meet up with my netballing friends. There was a netball match, which I skipped, although my feet were twitching watching! It was great to see everyone and hear their stories, and we’ve already planned the next one.

On paper (the electronic sort) the week ahead seems quite normal and non-eventful, but who knows how it’ll turn out.