Admiring the curve

As soon as I saw this wooden curved structure, potentially a bench, at the Chelsea Flower Show this year I suspected the work of Tom Raffield, and I wasn't disappointed.  The wood is steamed and bent into the most fantastic shapes, this one the most ambitious I've seen to date.  I knew that I'd included Tom's work on the blog before, but hadn't realised (until I looked) that it was twice before.  The first was when Tom was one of Kevin's green heroes at the 2015 Grand Designs Live show and then again later that year after he featured in one of John Lewis' creative spaces.

But this was something else.

Tom Raffield at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2018

It'd be great as a garden bench, wouldn't it?  I didn't try it out!

A closer look at the curved corner

The curves are the same as the lights though, if not a little bit more uniform than I've seen previously.  And just as I was admiring the boundary curves, I spied a circular seat.

Angles and a glimpse of the round seat swing

Drawn to the simple shape and lines I was soon in front of the circular seat - isn't it fantastic?  I think, even more spectacular than his lights, and that's saying something.

A round swing seat I'd happily find a place for

But the lights are still great and i was pleased to see them inside the stand, looking as curved an fantastic as usual.

Tom Raffield lights as you expect to see them

One day, I'm hoping I'll be the proud owner of (at least) one of these.  I'll need a new house with a proper all or lobby first though...

Until them I'm happy to admire whenever I can...